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It’s taken many years, uhming and ahhing about whether to move or not, and somehow lockdown managed to persuade us that we didnt need a big family house any more. I guess spending time amongst all your things and being more at home, really ingrains how much stuff you possess. Don’t get me wrong, I was very lucky to be in the house during the pandemic, having space, an outdoor garden, even small was a godsend, especially as 2020 was a sunny warm summer, but once winter drew in, we had made up our mind that it was time to leave after 26 years and allow another family to grow and enjoy the space, create their own memories and have their own adventures. Mine have now grown up, Maude being 22, she is still the baby of the family, but already enjoying the wide world out there.

Although you usually have at least 3 months to prepare for the moving out process, one doesn’t actually start properly until you have exchanged; as we had had one buyer pull out close to exchanging, we really didn’t want to accept that it was actually going to happen until we had exchanged – in this case, that gave us just 2 weeks to pack. So I totally underestimated the amount of work physically and emotionally packing up a house;  5 floors of stuff that tell stories from 5 different individuals…. I tried to refrain from opening each file, each book, each box, but curiosity and human nature beat me to it and so by the last week, I was literally throwing things in boxes to enable the move.   Strangely once you start dismantling your space, it becomes less and less your space, devoid of your family, friends and personal trinkets, it becomes another box, an empty shell to make your own.  I definitely have now separated myself from the house, just seeing the vastness and endless floors as more and more work.   I have to admit that I did shed a tear on the last hour walking around checking the cupboards and nooks and crannies.  

As we have to refurbish our next home, moving was more problematic, as most of our stuff had to go into store, some work stuff went into a local store for easy access, some went to both my older children as they were moving into new homes, and a lot went to charity and the dump! it definitely made life easier employing a company to deliver boxes and packaging and help on the day with packing and carrying. its definitely money worth spending.

We are temporarily living in a 2 bedroom flat, a quarter of the size of the house, but strangely it’s just enough for us both.  I guess we are realising that we have now entered a new phase of our life, cleansing and reducing, living more simply, it’s a breath of fresh air and a weight of our shoulders..

We look forward to the next chapter of our lives; downsizing enables you to clear any debts and mortgages, help the children a little but mainly it allows you to rethink your own life and what you need and desire.

9 thoughts on “moving house

  1. Got a bit of a lump in my throat when I looked at the photo of Maude reaching up at the front door – it made me think how quickly they grow up and leave us ! Xx

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  2. Congratulations on selling up and moving on. We did exactly the same thing last year after 28 years in Edinburgh and are happy in a smaller house down South: so much less housework! Are you moving out of London or just moving districts? Best of luck wherever you are going. xx

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  3. Can’t wait to see what you do with your new place! Views look amazing! It’s such a brave thing to do, we’ve all got so much stuff we don’t need !! Well done to you and Robert and lots of luck and love in your new home! X

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  4. I am an avid listener to Robert’s program and this is how I came to follow your blog.

    I have just been through the same experience like you, moving out of our house in Kew after 38 years, for similar reasons like you and also because we are in our 70’s. We only have one son aged 32 who at present is living in Australia, until they let him come out to his beloved London. Like you we moved 3 weeks ago to a rented 2 bedroom flat until our new built flat in Hammersmith is ready. It has been so comforting to listen to Robert and reading you about your ‘moving’ experience as we went through similar turmoil and emotions at exactly the same time. Thank you both for sharing it with us! You can tell Robert I am an Argentinian, from Buenos Aires, and I am so chuffed that he likes my home city so much.


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    1. hello Patricia, thank you for the kind words; I am sure lots of people go through this process, its emotionally challenging, but we are looking forward to a new change, less things, and no debts! feels good to pay off your mortgage and lighten your load. I have only been to Buenos Aires once for 3 days, and absolutely love it. I hope one day to go back and tour your beloved country. hope that you are transitioning well. Christina x


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