meditation and mindfulness

I cannot recommend anything as potent as taking the time to meditate.  for many years I have dismissed it as hippy nonsense.  but as we lead a more stressful and fast pace of life, I’ve realised that being ‘mindful’ and taking the time to meditate are indeed great tools for calming, controlling, and rejuvenating one’s mind.   I used to do yoga as a form of exercise – stretching, keeping the body supple and gently toning , but now I choose yoga classes that not only achieve those things, but also help calm the mind and cultivate well being.  Susan Nove at triyoga has a lovely sense and spirit;  she runs 6 week evening courses on mindfulness, that teach you how to incorporate mindfulness in your every day tasks, meaning that you don’t have to just sit still to practise.  her half hour classes also help you maintain what you have learned.  Anna Price is also a great teacher and can personalise methods to help you get through more difficult times.  my favourite yoga teacher is Erika Tourrell – she has the right balance between yoga for revitalising the body, but her words and spirit really take you to the next level of self care and appreciation of life.   each morning, my husband and I do a meditation with Clare Connolly on Insight Timer – the breathing meditation is particularly useful for calming and setting you up for the day.  we have done this practically every day for the last year and half.   I have also been doing Qigong, which has really grasped my time  – not only have I been taking classes, but also teaching them to my friends, passing on the goodness and benefits that it has given me.   It also makes me learn more moves and the facts behind the principles of Qigong.  Not only does it keep you toned and flexible, but it also calms your mind and heart and enables you to deal with life in general, all that it throws up, its challenges, its problems, uncertainties.   i have a weekly online class by zoom, but soon I will be starting live classes in open public spaces, weather permitting……


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