100 club

I was lucky enough to watch 2 concerts last week, Gregory Porter at the Royal albert hall and Matt Bianco at the 100 club.  the royal albert hall is one of my favourite venues, but going to both so close to one another, I just felt that seeing live music in something small and intimate like the 100 club is just  far more superior;  you feel the music, the atmosphere and feel part of the whole night – takes me back to being young – the albert hall is a grown up sophisticated venue, but unless you are right at the front, you are quite distant.   we ate dinner in the newly refurbished Coda restaurant at the royal albert hall, which was quite good – I had never eaten in the venue before, but they have organised a 2 course dinner which fits in perfectly between finishing work and the concert starting.   we are so lucky in london to have all these live venues – long may they live.

walking through Kensington gardens on a balmy sunny evening in spring is so pretty.



its great to hear that the number of bees in london is increasing – it means more honey! urban bees is an informative site about london bees and where you can see more bees in the city.  i love the products from the london honey company,  who started making honey from the roof of an ex council block near tower bridge;  see them at maltby street on saturdays.

did you know that eating a spoonful of local honey is also meant to be a good remedy for hayfever ?  i buy the local regents park honey and it does seem to help – search for your local honey, you will be surprised to see how many of your local parks creates its own honey.   you can buy regents park honey from Melrose and Morgan.  its expensive, but then i find that most good honey is expensive.  remember to buy your own local honey though to your area for hayfever. sadly my vegan daughter won’t take honey any more…..

my camelia is blooming beautifully and the tulips are reaching for the skies!

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robert bought me a lovely vanity case from globetrotter several years ago – it was much coveted, and highly impractical;  it looks great in your bedroom and especially makes me feel stylish boarding the eurostar or turning up to a nice hotel for the night.

we have always used globetrotter suitcases and i never noticed how expensive they have become;  they do look great, and last for years and if they break, globetrotter offer a great repair service.  i did notice at kempton market that you can pick up used globetrotters for a fraction of the price – so this is a good way to build up your collection of luggage.

if you ever watched Madmen,   Joan carried a similar one to the office to touch up her make up during breaks – incidentally, I miss that programme and now that I have finished catching up with the Crown, I now have nothing to watch.



badgers velvet underground

I am so chuffed to be showing alongside such talented and inspiring artisans this weekend at the Department Store -it was recently restored by  architects Squire and Partners, and revives a local Brixton landmark to create a series of collaborative workspaces supported by an evolving hub of creative, retail and community uses. Originally built in 1906 as an annexe to the Bon Marche department store  it is great to have such a space in the heart of Brixton.   this weekend the wonderful Ros Badger of  Badgers Velvet Underground has curated 40 artisans to come together to show for a 2 day event at the store.  there will be something for everyone and so utterly inspiring.  I will be presenting my merchants table of vintage finds amongst my drawings, photographs, prints and ceramics.  Friday 20th April 6 – 9pm, and Saturday 21st April 10 – 6pm.


you have to take a walk through regents park to admire the beautiful blossom trees everywhere – we are so lucky to have so many beautiful parks in london.   blossom time is such a joyous time – it signals the start of summer, of new life, beauty and the delicate petals blowing through the air adds a romanticism to our day.   enjoy them before they fade away….

symbolically the blossom reminds you that life is short and beautiful, just like the cherry blossom that falls from the tree after just a few days.

Proud cabaret

sadly, Proud Camden was forced to close as the lease was not renewed, as the oligarch owner has decided to commercialise the market – a sad demise to london that independents are being forced out in place of commercialism and money.  so its great that Alex Proud has come up with another fantastic venture that puts London on the map;  I was fortunate to go to the opening night of the new Proud Cabaret on the embankment – a fun night of burlesque set in a glam 1920’s moulin rouge style club.   situated right on the river banks, the food is Chinese,  lots of cocktails served by equally glamorous staff – its a bit cirque de Soleil meets folies bergere.  its not a serious show, just an entertaining evening.   lets hope it doesnt get inundated with hen nights……