dennis severs house

one of the most interesting and fascinating houses that i have ever been to – is dennis severs house in spitalfields.  the 17C silkweavers house ,which has been lovingly restored as a  typical working house, is an insight into life of that period and it certainly keeps your mind wondering.  since severs has passed away the house has been beautifully maintained  and continues to show in all its glory what life would have been like. – the grandeur of the wealthy, the darkness of the poor.  its a museum, cum drama, cum personal collection – its just breathtaking – your eyes dart from corner to corner of each of the rooms on the 5 floors – absorbing the different scenarios, the different smells, the crackling of the open fires , the flickering of the candles- it really is a must visit and especially at xmas.  why not buy a visit for a friend – they would just love it.    think of art crossed with drama.



i love fish stalls and markets – fortunately there are still quite a few working ones in big holiday towns;  the harbour at southwold has a great strip of fisherman’s huts, fish stalls and cafes and restaurants.  the sole bay fish company  serves tasty and well priced fish and lobster – only open for lunchtime, except in the summer months.   whats also lovely is that the harbour is on an estuary and you can see walberswick on the other side, which is reachable by ferry.  whitstable also has a working harbour, serving and selling fish and other seafoods – its particularly fun on a weekend when the stalls open selling kippers in a bun!  tokyo has a great fish market too as well as cadiz and barbate – they make not only fun day trips out but also tasty ones too.

southwold22Nov2015_0067 22Nov2015_0066 22Nov2015_0065 huts22Nov2015_0058

i love this hut – just made for my daughters alice and maude.


save the children

i heard this song by marvin gaye and felt that after all the horror of paris its so apt – the words are just so heartfelt and the message so simple.

I just want to ask a question
Who really cares?
To save a world in despair
There’ll come a time, when the world won’t be singin’
Flowers won’t grow, bells won’t be ringin’
Who really cares?
Who’s willing to try to save a world
That’s destined to die
When I look at the world it fills me with sorrow
Little children today are really gonna suffer tomorrow
Oh what a shame, such a bad way to live
All who is to blame, we can’t stop livin’
Live, live for life
But let live everybody
Live life for the children
Oh, for the children
You see, let’s save the children
Let’s save all the children
Save the babies, save the babies
If you wanna love, you got to save the babies
All of the children
But who really cares
Who’s willing to try
Yes, to save a world
Yea, save our sweet world
Save a world that is destined to die
Oh, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
Oh, oh dig it everybody

Gaye, Marvin P / Benson, Renaldo / Cleveland, Alfred W





i really love the english seaside in the winter – especially early mornings.  we stayed at the lovely chalet rooms at the anchor in walberswick – which also has great food too.  the curtains were slightly open and i awoke to the beautiful sunrise over the sea, which is directly ahead of the rooms (you can’t actually see the sea, but a short walk over the hump reveals the wonderful view).  i couldn’t believe that people still go swimming at this time of year and  there were definitely windsurfers already out there!


shoes from vintage hemmingway

i love the vintage fairs that wayne hemmingway puts on – so much fun and effort – the last one was in kings cross and i managed to get these simple black lace up shoes – unused dead stock in my size!  apparently they were prison shoes!  they cost me £8 – now thats a bargain.

shoes_0011 shoes

i bought these shoes for maude in an old fashioned shoe shop in spain – they remind me of my youth when you dressed up for sundays, may day, whitsuntide;  its sad that kids of today prefer trainers or even worst crocs.