vintage dresses

next sunday is the vintage fashion fair at chelsea town hall .   lots of lovely vintage finds all under one roof.  i just discovered that there is a branch of rokit in camden, right where i live – its been there for years, but because there are so many stalls there i just missed it.  i popped in and i have to say, its one of the cheaper places to find vintage clothes and accesories.  you have to rummage a bit harder, but the prices are good and at least half the price of the vintage shops around spitalfields. another place the kids like is absolute vintage. 

one of my photographic muses pip (philippa cooper) wears one of my favourite vintage finds .

suite française

if you enjoy 40’s fashion then you will love this film just for its clothes and hairstyles.  kristen scott thomas looks amazing and makes me feel that i should sort out my hair and outfit each day!  set around the early years of  world war 2 in france, its a romance but also a reminder of the horrors of living during a war.

if you want to know more about vintage clothes and how to introduce them into your own daily wardrobe, then this little book is the perfect thing (and of course, i did the photographs again). its especially a good gift for young teenagers who are just getting into buying vintage.   its a follow on from the style me vintage make up book, that shows you how to get the make up look of 1920’s or 1940’s, but this one shows you the styles and types of clothes that illustrate that era.

by the way, there is an exhibition at the imperial museum that you must see – fashion on the ration, 1940’s street style, which shows how fashion had to adapt with rationing.  could be very inspiring and encourage you to start altering your own clothes – its on my list of exhibitions to see at the moment.

sewing and shears

loved the enormous shears that you could buy from alistair hendy’s store, but also discovered william gee on the kingsland road – right next door to my hairdressers salon 496 – (Eri keeps my hair looking young)- it was like walking into a shop from the 1970’s – rows of materials, ribbons, scissors and threads at unbelievably cheap prices.   there is always something beautiful about rows of cotton reels together…. like art installation pieces.

Jane Brocket’s book , the gentle art of stitching  is an inspiration for reaching for those needles to create something that you will be proud of.  photographing all the designs definitely inspired me!

secret life of mannequins

i never really thought about who makes mannequins,  you just take them for granted, they are there in shop windows displaying clothes of all types – but i found it fascinating when i went to see the showrooms of proportion.   my very talented friend Tanya is the creative director and she designs the most influential and individual forms – mannequins for individual designers, one off models, mannequins for mass production and a la carte designs for specific projects.  so if ever you need a mannequin, you must get to proportion.  they also create the  mannequins for lots of the major galleries and shows, such as the David Bowie and current Alexander McQueen show.

Moon Festival Dress_3935


fish market japan

a great place to get sushi in japan is in the area of the fish market – even the locals are careful where they eat sushi and freshness is key.  the fish market is actually very early, but if you go mid morning, its great to see all the stalls selling everything from dried fish, seaweed, fish products and cooking implements. its like a little borough market, but the theme being fish.

note  a lot of the good restaurants are small and only have say 6 tables and a counter, so be prepared to queue, or do like we did, go at 11.45 for early lunch.

fish_market21Feb2015_0668 fishmarket21Feb2015_0667 fishmarket21Feb2015_0658 21Feb2015_0656


other great fish markets  i have been to are cadiz, barbate, tangier, (which totally turned maude vegetarian for a while) and of course billingsgate, which i have to admit have yet to visit.  i do miss my sunday mornings jaunt down whitstable fish market though .