coffee shop

I love the camden coffee shop on delancey street;  the coffee shop has been there since the 50’s, but George, who came from Cyprus has run the shop since 1978.  It hasnt dated at all, George roasts the beans, grinds them and bags them all to order.  Its a wonderful treat to see such an atmospheric little local shop.  The best thing about living round the corner from this shop is the waft of fresh coffee in the streets.  Its also such a change to see a small independent shop succeed when there are so many chain coffee shops around.  Unfortunately, you cannot drink coffee there, just buy the beans ground or whole. I also love the algerian coffee store in soho, with its numerous cafetieres for sale, its a splendid bazaar for everything coffee!  you can also get coffee to drink there (standing up only) or to take away. of course there is bar italia and  another favourite is the monmouth coffee shops – they now have 3 branches, and you can sit and enjoy coffee and a pastry!

the talent of mary

there are a lot of elements to a successful shoot, the models, the clothes, the props, the setting and the photographer – plus the production to get it all together.  i am always in awe of the beautiful props and sets that mary makes us – and always on a budget.  these cobweb spun hanging mobiles were just beautiful – like dreamcatchers.


DAWN DRESS_0146 (1) DAWN DRESS_0140 (1)


there are those who prefer smoothies and those who choose juicing –  some say that having the whole fruit and vegetable in a blender, such as a nutribullet (incidentally all my friends seem to have one of these devices and swear by them) conserves all the fibre, goodness and vitamins.  however, i am on the side of the juicing theory, that you cold press your vegetables and fruit to maintain the goodness, but because you haven’t got all the fibre your body can absorb the vitamins quicker, especially if you start with the juice first thing in the morning.  anyhow, for the past year, i have been juicing kale, ginger, celery, cucumber, pear and carrot almost every day – not sure whether i see the difference, but i haven’t had a cold for over a year!  i recently upgraded my juicer to the kuvings, which can actually juice a whole apple.  my previous one meant that i had to chop everything into eighths, so hopefully this will save more time.  i loved the  cacao almond milk from  42 juice in brighton – you can make fresh almond milk easily with the juicer, soak unsalted almonds overnight, then add equal parts of water and almonds to the juicer – easy peasy!

chelsea flower show

what a beautiful day for a flower show – debra and i walked most of the way from her house in maida vale, along the canal and through to hyde park – london is wonderful to get around via canal towpaths and through its many parks!   its all sold out now, but you could go to one of the many events coming up around the country, such as hampton court or tatton park.   sadly i came back to my own little garden thinking that i needed to spend more time, money and effort on it!  its a great event to not only feel inspired by the wonderful gardens, but also to choose the actual flowers and shrubs that you like and source where to get them from.  you know its not just for the ladies, we took debra’s brother who absolutely loved it !

mediterranean flowers

the flowers in my spanish courtyard garden are all in bloom – the bird of paradise is almost prehistoric with its black beaks.

whereas the flowers in my london courtyard garden are all pale and delicate.  i am off to chelsea this afternoon, can’t wait to see all the inspirational gardens.