for alice

you can never forget alice’s birthday, april 1st, and you will never forget alice – she is more than special – happy birthday darling.

april fool

She said I’ll see you in the morning, darling
I see you when the kids have gone to school
But well I know tomorrow is your birthday
I know you know that you’re are an April Fool
We used to roam so freely. It’s been so long
I took my dreams to bed now where they belong

She said there’s dust and cobwebs on your north star
There no more fussing the campfires in your hair
I’ll see the wheels there rusted in the backyard
I know we’re not going anywhere
We used to roam so freely. It’s been so long
I took my dreams to bed now where they belong

Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane


candle gift

love this candle that maude made me for mother’s day a couple of years ago.  somebody had bought her a candle making kit for xmas and as she had no money left  – she went to the local charity shop, bought the teacup and saucer for a £1 and then made the candle – she did use some of my precious rose oil which makes it smell beautiful ( i had no idea that they were so costly and my jaw dropped when i went to pay for the bottle at neales yeard).  what a clever and innovative present though.

i didnt help her at all, but i would say, be careful of the candle wax on your pans, it did take a bit of scraping off after!


had a lovely few days photographing mudras with sarah  and swami  – i didn’t realise how stiff my hands and fingers were until i tried to do each pose.  did you know that these simple hand exercises not only stretch the fingers and joints, but activates and  stimulates other parts of your body?  its also simple to do these exercises at your desk, especially if you have been on the computer for long periods of time.   the book comes out  later this year.

Kilaka Mudra_317
Kilaka Mudra

smoking goat

there is definitely a fashion of restaurants that dont take reservations at the moment – it seems that young people dont mind queuing these days – i guess they socialise while they wait!  robert was keen to try out this restaurant which happens to be next door to the steak one, flat iron that we went to for my son’s birthday, so we always turn up earliesh, before 7pm, and generally this does seem to cut down the waiting time.  its more bar/restaurant than classic sit down restaurant and although the menu is small and limited, everything is quite tasty – quite strong flavours – afraid not great if you are vegetarian. egg01Dec2014_0038

vintage dresses

next sunday is the vintage fashion fair at chelsea town hall .   lots of lovely vintage finds all under one roof.  i just discovered that there is a branch of rokit in camden, right where i live – its been there for years, but because there are so many stalls there i just missed it.  i popped in and i have to say, its one of the cheaper places to find vintage clothes and accesories.  you have to rummage a bit harder, but the prices are good and at least half the price of the vintage shops around spitalfields. another place the kids like is absolute vintage. 

one of my photographic muses pip (philippa cooper) wears one of my favourite vintage finds .

suite française

if you enjoy 40’s fashion then you will love this film just for its clothes and hairstyles.  kristen scott thomas looks amazing and makes me feel that i should sort out my hair and outfit each day!  set around the early years of  world war 2 in france, its a romance but also a reminder of the horrors of living during a war.

if you want to know more about vintage clothes and how to introduce them into your own daily wardrobe, then this little book is the perfect thing (and of course, i did the photographs again). its especially a good gift for young teenagers who are just getting into buying vintage.   its a follow on from the style me vintage make up book, that shows you how to get the make up look of 1920’s or 1940’s, but this one shows you the styles and types of clothes that illustrate that era.

by the way, there is an exhibition at the imperial museum that you must see – fashion on the ration, 1940’s street style, which shows how fashion had to adapt with rationing.  could be very inspiring and encourage you to start altering your own clothes – its on my list of exhibitions to see at the moment.