Stolen Glimpses

so I finally made my dream come true – a book that actually is all me!  not one that someone has commissioned, or used a few of my photos, or have edited and sells their stuff, but one that actually reflects me and my eye view, my outlook on life, my desire to live each day as best as you can regardless of the roughs and downs that we all have to face with everyday life in this ever demanding world.   of course, there are a few of my favourite photos that didn’t make the edit, but its an insightful story that glimpses the everyday,  making the ordinary extra ordinary – together with the evocative words of my partner, Robert.

you can now buy the book from The Society Club or from myself;  but there are only 200 copies, all stitched and traditionally bound in linen cover, embossed title and  wrapped in translucent trace.   there are 20 framed prints, mainly still life and landscape hanging in the society club for the next few weeks, so pop in for  coffee into this suitably apt surrounding with its beautiful art and vintage books and enjoy the serene in what is a busy part of soho.

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i, daniel blake

its not a feel good movie, its not aspirational, nor is it beautiful – but its probably the film that has moved me more than any ever….

its message is stark, real and makes you feel ashamed to believe that this exists right on the streets next to you.  i can’t say any more except go and see this moving film and i will be astounded if  you dont shed a tear or feel torn inside  and uncomfortable….

however the special relationship between the two main characters and the sense of community with the neighbours is touching and uplifting.

and makes you realise how fortunate we are to not be in that place…..

its probably going to be my only post where i cannot place an image

not another bill

i can’t believe that xmas is looming up – so have started to buy some of my xmas presents;  i hate leaving it to the last minute, so whenever i see anything that  i know that i would love to receive, i buy 2 or 3 of them for  my friends.  i bought some lovely soaps from the manchester city gallery shop when i was last there, and tried to find where to get them from and discovered this site, not another bill.  the soaps by sting in the tail are not too expensive but have a great scent, are a perfect size and dont go all mushy in your dish and make good stocking fillers.

here is one of my new xmas cards, love the simple snowdrop


hidden gardens

its always great to discover new gardens in central london, and Olden community garden is right opposite Arsenal football stadium.    its a community garden – used by schools to learn about horticulture; but has a lovely garden house that is available for private functions.  last night, my  friend and gardener Laura who created the wonderful garden in my new suffolk cottage, hosted a night of delicious food – all money raised went to the Refugee Community Kitchen who provide food for refugees living in the camps of europe.   Laura not only helps out at the olden community gardens, but also goes over to calais at xmas time to help in the camps.  i am always amazed by some people’s passion and generosity towards good causes;   see her new website.    I note that the olden community garden is open to the public once a month on the 3rd saturday of every month.

some other interesting gardens to visit, highgrove gardens in gloucestershire, the lost gardens of heligan in cornwall, holkham hall in norfolk, helmsley walled garden in yorkshire.

photographers gallery

had to go to get some prints made on tracing paper – did this at call print on great portland street – they make them in black and white, usually for architects, but if you are doing a window display or just want a poster or banner, its a great and affordable way.  my architect  friend Maria , who i met at uni, came with me and on our search for methods of hanging things, we did a short tour of soho via the small independent galleries.  we ended up buying some hanging clips from morplan, who have a range of display fittings, plus reams of tissue paper and bags.   we popped into to see soho photos at the getty gallery including some lovely ones by Bert Hardy – make affordable presents for those men who seem to have everything;  feminist avant garde  in the 1970’s at the photographers gallery, – highlighting how much time has changed for women today –  so much more respect and equality for females here in the western world;   see the autumn leaves piece at marion goodman   and the contemporary pieces at  sadie coles gallery.

incidentally I came home and cut through a little street by my house and was shocked to discover an art gallery, david roberts art foundation right on my doorstep – and not just a little one, rooms leading to more rooms and upstairs they have an art installation which is all about sensory perception.