I want to share with  you with my new discoveries  –  places to visit,  exhibitions and fun things to see and do.  I usually only write about places that i have personally been to or have been highly recommended by trusted sources.  all the posts will hopefully become an invaluable source book that saves that precious time in life.

And  hopefully visually inspire you with images of everyday life – they could be anything from a simple tea cup to a stunning view or just something that i find simply beautiful.  I tend to like the unobvious, a bare tree, a worn out chair, the imperfect.

With my previous experience of styling for interiors and magazines and my new found passion for photography, I also wish to share my discoveries and highlight the wealth of talented artisans, small exciting companies and individuals who show such enthusiasm for their art.  Lets try and support them!

All the photographic images posted on this site are my own work, I usually hope to relate the images to the words, but sometimes it may just be a picture that portrays a feeling or a thought or something that i just found interesting; to see more images  www.christinawilson.co.uk

You can enlarge the images by clicking on them or if you wish to see more posts  about travel or shops, choose that category and all my past entries about that subject will come up. Enjoy and I hope the information will be helpful.



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  1. 1 Martina Tierney September 4, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    Hi Christina
    Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve tagged you… My apologies if you do mind, just ignore it.

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