covehithe beach

I love this beach – although the lands edge is slowly falling away – its a wonderful place to take a walk.  you feel as though you could be anywhere in the world and yet its only 5 mins drive away from my cottage ;  the sea washed branches add an air of spookiness, the ever-changing sky belies where you are – at times you feel you are on a desert island away from everywhere.  its especially beautiful at this time of year.


the playground theatre

if you get a chance, do go and see ‘Picasso’ at the Playground Theatre , not only an interesting space, but a  glimpse into the life of a man that we have all been brought up to love and admire – a world hero and emblem of modern century painting – this play somewhat destroyed my illusion of the man.  I guess I should have realised he would be like that, knowing the number of women in his lives.  women whose lives were taken and manipulated –  some would say it was a small price to pay for being immortalised in one of his paintings – room for debate.   an emotional, powerful and moving performance made strong by good actors.  its made me want to read more about Picasso – we have a 3 part biography volume by John Richardson that has always daunted me by its size, but maybe I will tackle it.

And there is  a lovely cafe at the front of the theatre where you can meet early, take tapas, or drop by for coffee at any time.  ‘Picasso’  is only on for the rest of this week.


everyday scents……

i can’t help but try and support small producers, so whenever i see them pitch up at events, i always give them a try.  i think since i have been doing all these pop up shopping events myself, i have totally appreciated the time and effort put into them.  recently at the greenwich festival, i spotted a few of these quality companies.

kindred + wild, who make small batch apothecary oils and balms; i love the rosemary and thyme, perfect for your handbag and for smoothing your hair once you arrive somewhere and its gone all wild and frizzy.

maya njie has a lovely range of perfumes, light and fresh, they are made with natural oils and are a change to the mass produced perfumes on the market.  i  dont like commercial perfumes, and stick to rosewater,  but these are delicate and not overpowering.  i bought nordic cedar, which apparently was her first creation. now this is my scent of everyday.

suneeta creams are all handmade and natural – i saw them pitched outside the beigel shop on brick lane and bought a turmeric cream for dry patches – its incredibly soothing and moisturising and gave my daughter alice some as she suffers from excema now and again, and she really liked it.  its very good value and the few things that i have tried (cleansing cream and eye gel)  are impressive.

Mauli is the perfect gift for anyone, the oil is just divine and i am already addicted to the aroma – smooth it over your skin and hair – its become my daily ritual.  the sandalwood makes a good weekly scrub, gently exfoliates the skin and keeps it fresh.  the bottles and packaging are just divine too.

some of my favourite products  are from  santa maria novella – the rosewater is delicate and not too overpowering, plus the packaging is beautiful and the Picadilly shop makes shopping such a pleasure; and from aesop – the camelia nut moisturiser is very nourishing for this time of year, especially after a dehydrating summer and the approaching wind and central heating that we now face for the winter.   their hand cream is a perfect xmas present – the prices may seem higher, but the products go a long way.


rachel whiteread

if you get a chance go and see the Rachel Whiteread exhibition at Tate Britain;  its a retrospective of the artist works and includes a film showing the execution of the life size house that she cast and helped her win the Turner prize.  the sculptures range from large monumental rooms and library shelves to the simple everyday object but all define the space within.   made from a variety of materials, including wax, concrete, plaster  – they all share a muted palette of calmness – a beautiful serenity and extremely tactile, but of course you can’t touch these pieces.   also intriguing are the paintings of Jaspar Johns – we are all familiar of his flag paintings, but to see them up close shows a texture and depth that you never perceive from flat photographs or postcards.  I particularly liked his monochrome works, his dark graphite works and etchings.   there are so many important artists on show at the moment – we are so lucky in london to have them all on our doorstep.