on the make

so living in a new area is both exciting and daunting – it’s strange how you get into habits and trust things that you know or are familiar;  even shopping in another branch of M & S is different and takes a while to adjust to.  Islington is definitely more upmarket to Camden, or maybe it’s customer demographic is different – feeling more like Marylebone with higher end brands, it’s hard not to pop into Toast or Ottolenghi whilst out buying your everyday shopping.   my favourite shop so far is Ray Stitch – I remember them on Broadway Market many years ago. 

ray stitch is great for haberdashery, ribbons, fabrics , patterns – a whole room of interesting designs to keep you inspired –  plus sewing classes – which look so interesting; there are a wide range of classes available from absolute beginners up – its a great gift idea to give to that person who has never sewn in their life!!  in fact there are lots of gift ideas in there. 

another way to learn new techniques are by zoom with classes run by Toast – during the pandemic, I did so many different ones that were on offer, from sashiko repair, embroidery stitches, darning and repair – we curse the computer, but at times it can offer so much.  

 tea and crafting also looks like a very interesting place – you can do one off workshops, learn to knit, make a lampshade or a ring, or just about anything.   you can also join classes at your local adult education centre, such as city lit, working mens college.

so with your ever growing list of things to do in the new year, you can add sewing classes – it may never happen, but at least the intention was there!  I recently had a go at embroidery – sewing in front of the TV using the only stitch I can remember from school  –  I did do needlework and domestic science at school, it was definitely a fun part of the curriculum, though now deemed as  lightweight subjects.  



2 thoughts on “on the make

  1. what a lovely piece to read, it is very inspiring! sewing is such a lovely thing to do. and how wonderful to have a toast store near you! out of interest, what do you think of their new collection? it looks like they are going back to a more folky style, lots of colour and prints.


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