I always thought it strange when people say weddings are stressful – how can they be?  its a wonderful occasion to celebrate and share and invite all those friends and family, its a time to plan the party of the lifetime,  what to wear, the food, the details……

now that alice’s wedding is over, I truly understand why they are stressful.   alice being alice wanted it her way, which we all agreed to, but young people do tend to forget about social etiquette and guidelines with relatives and friends;  and of course if there is a budget, there is a limit and this is always the problem.  alice always wanted a simple no fussy wedding and it grew and grew….    but I have to say, she planned it impeccably and it was a beautiful few days of events with lovely friends and family.   she did the legal signing on a day earlier in the week with just the 2 witnesses, which got that part out of the way in a simple summer dress, jellies and a bunch of M & S roses.   the family celebration part was in regents park where she frequented her childhood  with happy memories  – with a brother holding the ceremony followed by refreshments at our family home ; and the final part was the biggest disco party with all her friends in a studio space – bring your own, which was a new concept for me!   all a beautiful memory to cherish, but very different to the typical wedding.  here are a few photos that were taken by everyone;  again she didn’t want the typical wedding photographer, saying that they are all so staged and un natural, but they paint the happy occasion perfectly.




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  1. How BEAUTIFUL you all look! Yes its very stressful, my 2 stepdaughters got married last year and I am glad its all over! That generation certainly do things differently but if I had had my way, I would have gone away and got married just the 2 of us but didnt want to upset everyone! 1 down and 2 more to go Christina! Stunning bride and very happy pictures! xxx

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