churches in Suffolk

i dont know the history of suffolk and why there are so many, but there are plentiful churches in the area, the most notable architecturally are  in blythburgh, leiston abbey, covehithe, framlingham, lavenham and southwold.   i also love the ruins running alongside the working churches.  you can usually find somewhere pleasant to have a drink and a bite to eat nearby, so catch up with the legends and history of the churches then stop for a refreshment.     blythburgh ticks that box, with an interesting roof decorated with angels and opposite, the white hart pub overlooks the estuary with its hundreds of birds perching on the waters surface.  something so peaceful watching birds in flocks soaring and floating on the water’s surface.

the cottage has been very busy in the summer and I havent been able to get there, but I hope to get there this weekend;  I love the English countryside in September and October, beautifully calm with less holiday folk and hopefully mild weather. 

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