Cold War

robert and I went to see this film together – a recommendation from our son – and it is a beautifully shot love story.  I found it a bit confusing, as I am not aware about the facts of the Coldwar,  but also found  the storyline a bit weak at times. the cinematography was so stylish and beautiful, and the scenes of paris jazz clubs totally delighted my partner.  I thought both actors great and the film worth seeing.  the contrast of bleak cold east is really apparent and the warmth and creative liveliness of swinging Paris really comes through.  films are so personal – one of my friends really didn’t like it and found it too stylish – and normally we like similar things.

fashion week starts in london, and yesterday I popped to see the beautiful fashion illustrations in Gray MCA – a lovely selection of vintage and modern fashion drawings, including works by Antonio Lopez, Galliano and some striking contemporary abstract illustrations  definitely worth seeing.

3 thoughts on “Cold War

  1. Hi Christine,

    I had heard so much about this films and read the brilliant reviews so I couldn’t wait to see it. The photography was stunning and I found the leading actors, who I didn’t know, very charismatic but thought she stole the film, he was a little wooden. The music was just wonderful and the period setting was stunning, couldn’t fault the production but as I watched I cared less and less about the characters, I thought they became really tedious and I couldn’t wait for the film to end. I think it was all too much, too arty, too perfect and the lovers and their story just got lost in the midst of all the excellence of the production.

    Regards Val

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      1. I agree with both comments, it was wonderful to look at, like an authentic black and white film from the 1940’s but their relationship was actually irritating and as it wore on I ciuldn’t Really care about what happened to them. I saw at the end that it was dedicated to the directors parents, it was about them apparently. I felt sorry for the son!


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