happy anniversary

well our anniversary coincided with our trip to cartagena for a friends wedding, where by perfect chance we also spent our own honeymoon.  there was one memorable phrase that was said at the wedding, which i thought was apt and very perfect

‘he will never make you jealous of other women, but will always make other women jealous of you’

thank you robert for a wonderful 17 years!

3 thoughts on “happy anniversary

  1. Congratulations – you both look fabulous and do fabulous things both together and separately and i am sure that goes a long way to keeping the flame alive! We are celebrating our pearl aniversary in September – where did the time go? Can remember dancing to Tony Bennett – I left my heart in San Francisco ( our wedding song because it was where we got engaged) so clearly. Now my daughter fits into my wedding dress so beautifully and I only fit the tiara!


    1. thats amazing karen to get to 30 years! i hope that i can get there too, you will have to tell me your secrets to a long and happy marriage. yes, we do try hard to live our lives to the fullest, you realise how fast the time flies by and all of a sudden you are not young any more!! enjoy it whilst you can. x


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