theory of everything

a quick visit to manchester to see my mum took me to another cinema complex, salford quays – manchester seems to be building a whole load of shopping centres!  went to see the theory of everything – which i blubbered all the way through, but loved.   both the main actors were brilliant, and i came away realising that everyone feels that life is full of obstacles and upsets, and yet this family got on with their lives with the most drastic of ailments and achieved more than your average healthy person – it was an inspiration and a lesson that health and family are life’s priorities.   i do wonder whether they could invent some small computer for stroke victims like my mother, who’s own speech has been damaged – she desperately wants to tell me things, but her brain and mouth are just not communicating – so frustrating.  in some ways the problem is similar to motor neurone, except i am realising that in my mother’s case the stroke actually damaged the brain, so maybe its more complex than i am imagining.   we always end up looking back at old photos – something parents always like doing – i love the way my mother dressed as a young 20 something.  here is a rare picture of my dad, who i have not met since i was 5 years old.   i wonder whether i do actually remember him, or whether its from the photos that i have seen?

IMG_2475 IMG_2479


5 thoughts on “theory of everything

    1. ah thank you maggie – i think that in those days all mums were glamorous, they didn’t wear trainers and leggings and jeans – in some ways its a relief that we dont have to do that, but also a shame – its nice to catch photos of yourself always looking glamorous……. xxx


  1. Love the pictures of your mum Christina, so elegant and beautiful It’s such a shame that your dad doesn’t know what a wonderful daughter he has, he would be so proud of your achievements and your lovely family. I must see this film, everybody is saying how amazing it is. I would love to meet you for a coffee one time you are in Manchester but I know they are always hectic visits x


    1. hi Karen, i have pondered about meeting up, but for somebody who left my mother so abruptly and didn’t contribute, I wouldn’t want him back in our lives. one day, i will have more time in manchester – only a few more years and maude will be at uni! we will have that coffee one day……. much love christina x


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