miss carter’s war

finally finished reading this lovely book – its actually a brief history of london over a period of 55 years, taking you from the end of the second world war right through to the millennium – taking in all the social aspects of living and working in britain during that time, through the eyes of Marguerite, a warm and likeable character who’s passion for living and improving the lives of young women is especially admirable.   so for a really good and easy read, put miss carter’s war on your list.  now i need another new book to read before sleeping – its the only time i manage to read, but it means that it takes me ages…….  did you know that Sheila Hancock was 80 when this – her first novel (she has written an autobiography before)  was published last year?    as I have always said, its never too late to start anything…….  AN INSPIRATION!

another good book to buy a girlfriend is ‘dangerous women the guide to modern life’, my friend debra bought me this and aptly reminds you, teaches you and urges you – with humour  – listing mottos, poetry, philosophical quotes and sayings that you will have heard before – to make your life more enhancing!

Wonder Dress_1189

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