for alice

when looking for gifts, i always visit cecil court, a wonderfully atmospheric alley of victorian bookshops, specialising in antiquarian books.   step into the lovely marchpane book shop, which is filled from floor to ceiling with beautiful old copies of children’s books.  you can spend anything from £10 to thousands, you have to just decide what you want to pay, and then see what you like.  i chose a 1961 copy of alice in wonderland for my daughter alice to add to her collection.    i could have spent hours in there – the graphics and design of some of  the books were so inspirational.  so for the perfect and original gift for the person  take a trip to cecil court.

for alice my beautiful daughter whose birthday it is today

Her face
so fair
first bent
mine eye
Her tongue
so sweet
then drew
mine ear
Her wit
so sharp
then hit
my heart
Mine eye
to like
her face
doth lead
Mine ear
to learn
her tongue
doth teach
My Heart
to love
het wit
doth move
Her face
with beams
doth blind
mine eye
Her tongue
with sounds
doth charm
mine ear
Her wit
with art
doth knit
my heart
Mine eye
with life
her face
doth feed
Mine ear
with hope
her tongue
doth feast
My heart
with skill
her wit
doth fill
O face
with frowns
wrong not
mine eye
O tongue
with cheeks
vex not
mine ear
O wit
with smart
wound not
my heart
This eye
shall joy
her face
to serve
This ear
shall yield
her tongue
to trust
This heart
shall swear
her wit
to fear.

taken from Sir Arthur Gorges in the Penguin’s Poems for Love, selected by Laura Barber



3 thoughts on “for alice

  1. Christina,your blogs are always inspirational and however far you go I make a note of the place or the shop that you’ve enjoyed and recommended.The poem for Alice was so moving.What a lovely daughter she is.I think I was working at WilsonHale when Alice was born.So now we’ve known each other for at least 24 years when we first worked together at CDG.
    I look forward to every blog u write or the photos u show.Now Im becoming a bit obsessive abt washing lines…..
    So keep up the blog/its lovely like you


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