THE dawn was apple-green,
The sky was green wine held up in the sun,
The moon was a golden petal between.

She opened her eyes, and green
They shone, clear like flowers undone
For the first time, now for the first time seen.

D.H. Lawrence

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views from the south bank


a room for london

was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to stay in the unique ‘a room for london’, moored on the roof of the queen elizabeth hall on busy south bank – it was one of those experiences of a lifetime.  it was a bright, breezy evening and the view was just amazing.  the best time was at 5am – when the light was dawning, the lights still twinkling and london as quiet as it can ever get.   it really was like staying in a boat, but without the sea sickness and rocking, but you can hear the wind billowing, the boats steaming past, the laughter of passerbys and the music of venues close by.  we ate dinner at the oxo tower – it was my 2nd time, but after a delicious starter, the main course was disappointing, but the desserts worth waiting for.  quite pricey though ! for breakfast robert went to the local le pain quotidian for croissants which we enjoyed in our cabin – its definitely one of those stays that makes a unique celebration.  living architecture have a few of these unusual places, a couple in dungeoness, another one of my favourite places and one near blakeney.

incidentally, this was my vintage skirt purchase from POP vintage the other day for £25.

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william vintage

I have been hunting for a new dress for a big occasion, but having searched all the stores and shops around town, then scouring the internet with net a porter and matches, I came to the conclusion that it was more special and cheaper to buy a high end vintage dress from william vintage.  i have mentioned this lovely shop before, but had never actually had the experience of trying on beautiful vintage ‘couture’ clothes.   you have to make an appointment, together with their seamstress who can alter or adapt your dress to your body.  i took Robert with me – he is always a good judge of what suits me and what doesn’t.  i had looked beforehand on their website and found one dress that i particularly liked, but actually this dress didn’t suit me, but there are lots of different styles, not on the website and definitely more affordable (lesser known designers).  so i now own a ceil chapman dress, beautifully crafted, fitting perfectly and unique too at half the price of a modern designer dress.   it was also a lovely shopping experience having your own personal dresser and alteration, its how shopping should be!  william vintage is just in marylebone around the corner from my 2 favourite haberdashery shops, the button queen and v w rouleaux.  

of course i had to google ceil chapman once i got home – i had never heard of her, but she was an american fashion designer who worked mainly in the 1940’s and 50’s designing glamorous cocktail and party dresses for actresses.  i noticed some famous names wearing her dresses including marilyn monroe, grace kelly and elizabeth taylor!!!

on another scale i bought a lovely printed 50’s skirt form pop vintage on monmouth street for only £25 – its not an event number, but its perfect to throw on a daily basis and at that price you can resell once you are bored of it.

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i always knew from an early age that alfie was going to be just like his dad,  and today he follows his university path!  i am an immensely proud mum today, but it was all down to the hard work that alfie did the last few months to get the amazing results that he did.  it really doesn’t seem that long ago that he was this little…….



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spanish course

am doing a summer short course at the city lit, which i can highly recommend – its 5 morning sessions of conversational spanish, everything you need to travel abroad, getting to your hotel, tourist sights and getting around a city, phrases on directions, and ordering food.  Adriana makes the course entertaining and is conscientious at pronunciation – it really is a good practical course and especially if you are embarking on a trip to a spanish speaking country.  apparently she does several of these short courses throughout the year, so if you are not up for committing to a weekly class, this is perfect.  its at a level where you have done about a years spanish, so basic vocabulary is necessary, but its not concentrating on grammar, more on useful phrases that you can remember to get about and make your holiday easier by understanding the language.

i am actually off to spain in a weeks time, so this was perfectly timed for me.

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