shakespeare school’s festival

It was very moving and heartening to watch The Merchant of Venice by the lovely children of the Michael Tippett School for the shakespeare school’s festival -  it was one of the 3 productions showing alongside my own daughters school.  I love that organisations like this exist to not only keep Shakespeare alive amongst our youth,  but to also give them the opportunity to use these plays to relay passionate storytelling and take part in group performances.   All the children who participated were special in some way, but it does make me proud to be British when i see that we include all children from all backgrounds and walks of life to work together.

i love this old shakespeare book that robert bought me when we first met – its dated 1907, but i love the words of the opening page.

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a thought for John

for John, may you rest in peace


Music, when soft voices die,

Vibrates in the memory -

Odours, when sweet violets sicken,

Live within the sense they quicken.

Rose leaves, when the rose is dead,

Are heaped for the beloved’s bed;

And so thy thoughts, when thou art gone,

Love itself shall slumber on.

Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792 -1822)

taken from Love Poems, Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets

rose_0131 my favourite card at the moment – i go through phases and use different ones, but there is something melancholic, but beautiful about this peony.

churches in london

its funny how you miss certain things, i had never noticed this church in the middle of covent garden – it was only recently i stumbled upon it.  my daughter went to see  midsummers nights dream there with her school - st paul’s church has its own theatre company, so look out for future productions.  the garden is haven in the midst of the bustle of the market .

churches now have to be very flexible with their uses – with high maintenance costs, they are all opening their doors to help pay the bills.

its lovely to walk around smithfields on a sunday when its quiet and explore – its strange how tranquil parts of london become on a weekend; but if you are there in the week, its good to visit st bartholomew the great - its a beautiful old church originating from the 12C – the cafe is open for breakfast and some evenings its open for cocktails – its very atmospheric! i saw a spectacular theatre performance there, so keep an eye out for events that go on there.

st lukes church in old street is a hawksmoor church that also holds lot of concerts and workshops, and its where the london symphony orchestra hold their rehearsals. natalie (alfie’s girlfriend) actually sang a solo there recently with the camden youth jazz band.

st pancras old church, which has been a place of worship since the 4th century, is another atmospheric church that holds concerts.


02Sep2014_0239 church_0238

another washing line


i love our town  – there is always a good washing line to be seen. now that winter is settling in I  am already planning my visits to the house next year.

the forgotten 1950’s girls

loving the photos of the forgotten 1950’s girls, shot by Ken Russell.  renowned as a controversial filmmaker,  he started out as a young photographer capturing life on the streets of london.

read all about Ken Russell on his 50s photographs of great British eccentrics – photo by Ken Russell.


slow roasted shoulder of lamb

all the kids love a sunday roast,  and now that 2 of them have left home, its a good draw to get them all home together. robert’s favourite sunday roast is slow roasted shoulder of lamb, which he slowly cooks for over 4 hours, so that the meat becomes almost caramelised on the outside, but falls off the bone.   he makes sure that the lamb is not sitting on the bottom of the baking tray, but lifts it up on a small grill,  and then adds incisions to insert rosemary and cloves of garlic to the lamb and bastes with olive oil. .   jamie oliver adds a tin of tomatoes and wine, but robert prefers not to do this, but makes his own gravy with the juices at the end.   try it, its  delicious and relatively easy dish.

maude has been so busy with school stuff, she hasnt been baking so much, but did make a lovely victoria sandwich, unusually she put the fresh cream on the top of the cake as well as in the middle.


moroccan tones

having visited morocco twice this year, i have been totally influenced by the earthy tones;  you can easily change the mood of a room by adding soft furnishings in contrasting colours – its a quick and inexpensive way to throw colour into a room. you can buy direct from moroccan artisans the – lots of the items are sourced from co operatives so you feel that you are giving something to the community.

if you feel brave, you can retile a bathroom or kitchen floor, or even add some moroccan inspired tiles to the walls – a border in the kitchen always looks good.  you can buy some lovely reclaimed tiles, including moroccan designs from bert & may.

for moroccan paint colours, try the shades old ochre and delilah’s secret , both from fired earth, etruscan red from marston and langinger,

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