do you wonder if our heart is actually heart shaped?

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the eden project

somewhere else to go if its raining in cornwall is the eden project - i finally made it there last year.  fortunately it is something that you are able to do even in torrential rain, though sadly you do lose the impact of the amazing geodesic domes rising out of the landscape.   it is expensive to get in though, no family ticket which was a bit disappointing, but the only good thing is that if you register for gift aid, they stamp your entry so that you are able to come back for a year with free entry. sadly, i dont seem to get to cornwall more than once a year!  sometimes you have to think that your entrance fee at least supports wonderful schemes that wouldn’t exist without your money.


the restaurant, though big and rambling and resembles a school canteen, does has amazingly good quality food – apparently a lot of the vegetables are grown on site!  you can also see them preparing the food on long tables alongside where you sit!  the shop has a good selection of homemade preserves and their own natural based creams – i bought the lemongrass hand cream which smelt delicious.   at least you feel that your entry fee has been a donation to something worthwhile.

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what to do if its raining in cornwall – visiting the numerous port towns seems the best thing to do, so off we drove to Fowey ; the author Daphne de Maurier lived there most of her life writing all her famous novels –  it is so charming strolling through the narrow lanes, passing all the sweet gift shops.  Its still relatively unspoilt by the usual ‘fish and chips’ of some seaside towns;  we stopped at the lifebuoy cafe  for a spot of tea and cake, with its beautiful collection of vintage tableware and accesories, you really did feel on the set of an enid blyton story. the Dwelling House  also looked  perfect for afternoon tea,  in the georgiann  rooms lined with porcelain tea cups and white linen tablecloths – this feels as though you are transported back to the 1920′s.  Good recommended places to have lunch are the old quay house hotel , with its lovely terrace or the restaurant  food for thought situated right on the front.   There were a couple of lovely shops selling vintage tablecloths, my favourite being Michele Evans antiques  and what every cute village needs – a sweet shop, with its jars and homemade fudge.  You just need to stroll around, taking in the breathtaking view;  be warned that its narrow steep streets, so put your walking shoes on. apparently Fowey Hall is a great place to stay and is child friendly; the Fowey Hotel is the traditional old style hotel. another interesting place to stay is in Polruan, in an old boat house – Polmarine B and B  A great time to come to Fowey is during the Daphne du Maurier festival in May.

Take a walk down to Menabilly beach, where there is a cottage that you can rent – the beach house and the manor house that apparently are the inspirational locations for the story of Rebecca.


tom dixon

I think that Tom was one of the first designers to use copper in his designs and that was many years ago – he is so ahead of his time!!  copper is a wonderful alternative material for facing your kitchen walls or cupboards.  have a look at the cyprum  taps available in gold and copper and Giles Miller’s ‘Rosaic’ wall panels.  copper can be left to oxidise and age to a green like tone, otherwise, lacquer to maintain the copper colour.   Dara Huang’s free standing island is also interesting.

these beautiful candles are sculpted in copper vessels with marble lid so that you can sit the candle onto and not damage the surface of your furniture.  the london aroma really is unusual and makes a great gift for men- you really dont want to burn it –  its so handsome!  you can buy them at selfridges or at tom’s shop in west london.    also available in nickel and brass.



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the wild flowers of padstow

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have come to my friend Kim’s lovely house in  Padstow – the town is busy, but the beach is empty- especially the bit around Tregirls beach.  you just have to make the effort to walk there, as there is no parking around.   each time I come to padstow it changes, the light, the time of year, the fields, the plants – at the moment there are so many wild flowers, which add a colourful display to the beautiful landscape.  i love that you can visit the same places, but they look different all the time.

there are lots of places to stay in padstow no 6 middle street in padstow has a few rooms to rent, but the restaurant has very good food;  the same chef has now bought rojanos in padstow, which has a more casual menu, serving pizzas and pasta and apparently an amazing knickerbocker glory.  in fact its open all day for teas and coffees, so probably a nice place to stop by for a drink and break.

you can of course stay at numerous rooms owned by Rick Stein, very desirable, but pricey too.  a cheaperalternative is cally croft b and b - only a couple of rooms, but of a very high standard.  also try coswarth house b and b.

its a sad fact that most of the local amenties have disappeared from padstow, replaced by surf shops and boutique clothes shops, but fortunately there is still a local spar that sells some local produce, but there is a good local farm shop, Padstow Farm shop, which is a lovely 20 minute walk through country lanes that sells fresh meat and vegetables and a selection of jams and chocolate.

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