ice cream

this lovely warmer weather has been such a welcome joy – just what we needed to lift our spirits….  I remember that alice took me to her favourite ice cream shop in soho, Tsujiri – delicious matcha and houjicha ice cream. today she took me to Gelupo, delicious ice cream, vegan, sorbet choices too. ice cream seems to have become artisan, and so more expensive. Jack’s Gelato in Cambridge is a big favourite of Maude’s, having been studying there for the last 4 years.   there is a new craze in ice cream, bubble wrap waffle – i couldn’t believe the queue, so didnt get to taste it.   i also love gelato mio – i have to admit i have always loved ice cream from being a child, its one of those things that has stayed with me, and passing good ice cream shops is hard to resist……  i think its because ice cream is synonymous with growing up, holidays, summer – its a hark back to innocence.

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