lavender rose

As with other roses, lavender roses have their own special meanings which have evolved over the years of their existence. The lavender rose is often a sign of enchantment and love at first sight. Those who have been enraptured by feelings of love and adoration have used lavender roses to express their romantic feelings and intentions. The color purple also has a traditional association with royalty. In this regard, shades of lavender roses can suggest an air of regal majesty and splendor.

Lavender roses also share some of the symbolism of the fabled blue rose. Because blue roses do not occur naturally, they have come to represent the mysterious and unattainable. The goal of discovering the first blue rose has ignited many imaginations. While the quest for truly blue roses continues, many of the meanings associated with them have become tied to its nearest existing relative, the lavender rose. Thus, lavender roses can also represent wonder and impossibility, with a sense of the magical.

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saul leiter

a friend recently introduced me to the photos of saul leiter, a street photographer who started off in the 1940’s and carried on until his death recently – his work has an abstract quality that depicts street life perfectly, captured unknowingly.  i have always wished that i could do street photography, it takes a lot of patience to frame and capture such lasting images.

another wonderful street photographer is vivian maier – its interesting to see the works of different photographers – very inspiring and remember they couldnt look at the back of their camera to check if they got the right exposure!  i still think that film adds a special quality to an image – digital has got a lot better, but there is definitely something special when you see images done on film – the light, the colour, the density…….

one of my favourite influential still life photographers is Josef Sudek, who also liked to photograph eggs.  other worthy photographers are Joel Meyerowitz who has a new still life book out,  inspired by morandi and sergio larrain – a chilean photographer.

Jan 2016 still life_0141 Jan 2016 still life_0137 Jan 2016 still life_0135 Jan 2016 still life_0132



i increasingly seem to be visiting Liverpool en route to seeing my mother;  its a 2 hour train journey from london and then a 45 min drive to manchester.  my friend Elise is very taken with the city and takes me to new things each time we visit.  I visited  the Bluecoat gardens, with their lovely exhibition space and ceramics shop – it’s a pleasant courtyard garden right in the heart of the shopping centre, and there are so many lovely ceramics to buy there.  I am really taken with the work of Michelle Holmes. 

I always make time to pop into the tate – Vivian Suter and Theaster Gates are on at the moment  – london isn’t the only place to have important art!   I loved the colourful hanging canvasses of Suter!  Go and eat at ‘the quarter’ in the beautiful Georgian area around Hope street, or the florist for a bite to eat or just for  coffee and cake; and then a must see stop are the 2 opposing cathedrals – both architecturally amazing in their own right.  if you have more time, take the 15 min drive to Crosby beach to see ‘another place’ by Antony Gormley – a series of life size cast iron figures set along the beach seemingly entering the sea.  there is definitely a revival for Liverpool – I really enjoyed the programme about the history of a Georgian house in Liverpool , fascinating social history.


incidentally this opening shot of my book ‘stolen glimpses’ is from the window of Tate Liverpool.

12 days after xmas

today is the twelfth day after christmas and is traditionally the day that you take down your xmas decorations.   jan 6th is epiphany and is the day the three wise  men (magi) brought their gifts to the young Jesus;  so especially in Latin American countries, the 6th Jan is usually the day that presents are given rather than 25th december.   On the night of the 5th, instead of stockings, kids leave their shoes out, stuffed with straw. It’s not Santa who comes in the middle of the night leaving the children presents. Instead, it’s the three magi who come bringing gifts for the kids, just like they gave the baby Jesus presents in honor of his birth. The straw in the children’s shoes is for the Wise Men’s camels to eat.

To celebrate the Epiphany in Spain there are also often parades featuring the three magi…  it seems it doesnt take much excuse to put on a parade in spain, throughout the year there is always a festival, parade or street party to either celebrate a saints day, or notable date in the calendar!

I wish that i was there in spain to celebrate – have never made it at this time of year – I will however book to go out there next month to check on the usual winter improvements to our house in vejer – cant wait !



when i live my dream

When I live my dream, I’ll take you with me
Riding on a golden horse
We’ll live within my castle, with people there to serve you

Happy at the sound of your voice

Baby, I’ll slay a dragon for you
Or banish wicked giants from the land
But you will find, that nothing in my dream can hurt you
We will only love each other as forever

When I live my dream
When I live my dream, I’ll forgive the things you’ve told me

And the empty man you left behind
It’s a broken heart that dreams, it’s a broken heart you left me
Only love can live in my dream
I’ll wish, and the thunder clouds will vanish

Wish, and the storm will fade away
Wish again, and you will stand before me while the sky will paint an ouverture
And trees will play the rhythm of my dream

When I live my dream, please be there to meet me

Let me be the one to understand
When I live my dream, I’ll forget the hurt you gave
Then we can live in our new land
Till the day my dream cascades around me
I’m content to let you pass me by
Till that day, you’ll run to many other men
But let them know it’s just for now
Tell them that I’ve got a dream
And tell them you’re the starring role
Tell them I’m a dreaming kind of guy
And I’m going to make my dream
Tell them I will live my dream
Tell them they can laugh at me
But don’t forget your date with me
When I live my dream

David Bowie



our go to restaurants on a regular basis are usually ethnic restaurants – the ones that you visit when you get home and really can’t be bothered to cook, or just fancy something that you could never cook well at home.  over the years, new ones have been added, and sadly regular ones have gone, but there are a few that we have been visiting for the past 20 years and are usually of a very good standard.   they include the Mangal 2 for Turkish food, Viet Hoa for Vietnamese, Namaste Kitchen for Indian, Tayyabs for Punjabi, Lemonia for Greek, Royal China, Phoenix Palace and Imperial China for Chinese, Ranoush Juice for Lebanese, Asakusa for Japanese, Mestizo for Mexican, Koba for Korean, Ciao Bella for Italian.  we are so lucky  to have such a great choice of affordable restaurants in London – it means that you never can get bored of food.