decorating with tiles

all over andalucia there are beautiful floor tiles – geometric, moroccan, they are just stunning and seeing them really wants you to go home and put in some colourful floors.   casa siesta (one of my favourite hotel in our area) is a beautiful example of how you can mix  tiles with pattern together with the simplicity of antique furniture, but still keep it clean, simple and serene.

my favourite tile place is in darsham, suffolk, very close to my cottage – smoke and fire – i actually go in there, look at all the beautiful hand made tiles and then decide where they will go, which is a little bit back to front, but then you are using the tiles as art and decoration, rather than just practical solutions.  i love my geometric tiles in my bathroom, which work beautifully in a somewhat neutral painted space.

tiles_bathroom_0019 bathroom_0177

in the kitchen, i used a mix of tiles from fired earth and crackle glaze tiles from stone tile company.   one thing i didnt realise is that you need to seal the crackle glaze tiles before using.

17sep2016_0069 09sep2016_0064

you can simply add colour to a bathroom or kitchen by laying a beautiful floor with encaustic floor tiles.  Encaustic floor tiles are coloured with oxides while the design is being formed, which gives a soft merging of colour, quite classical and antique in finish.  The colours are muted, yet still give you lovely colours without being too bright.  you can buy encaustic tiles from Fired Earth and Terra Firma tiles. This particular floor is locally bought in Spain and graces an otherwise white bathroom.  fired earth have a new collection based on the original designs of the london underground -including beautiful edwardian tiles and signage tiles such as ‘mind the gap’.  bert and may have a great selection too.

30Jul2013_0080 30Jul2013_0062 29Jul2013_0031 29Jul2013_001402Jun2011_0087 (1)

10Jul2013_0010 10Jul2013_0009

i love the simplicity of this geometric tile design used in babbington house.

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