chinese new year

its chinese new year this weekend,  the year of the rooster,  check out what events are running. did you know that roosters are always active, amusing, and popular within a crowd;  they are talkative, outspoken, frank, open, honest, and loyal individuals. They like to be the center of attention and always appear attractive and beautiful.

i know that some of you have followed my blog for quite a while, its now 7 years old, but as life is constantly changing, then so does the information that i have given you;  sometimes i re blog a blog either to update the info or just to remind myself – so forgive me if i sometimes sound repetitive. i am constantly asked about dim sum restaurants and where i like to go with the family – so here is my list.

there are so many mediocre and over priced restaurants that it can put you off eating traditional chinese food.  there are of course the designer ones, hakasanyuatcha, ping pong and gilgamesh, all very good quality food, slightly designer chinese food, but all very expensive!  gilgamesh is the teenagers choice, trendy interior and more like a nightclub style restaurant in new york!  dinner at Hutong in the shard is an experience – its a fabulous view and the food delicious, though very spicy – you can ask for some of the dishes to be made not so hot. there is definitely a wow factor when you see all the views of london lit up. i know that the viewing platform is higher, but if you are going to pay to just see the view, it may be worth just going for one course or a drink in the bar to experience it. i think that all the restaurants and drinks are pricey in these tall buildings, but you may as well eat and drink than just pay the £25 into the viewing platform.

my kids just love the traditional chinese barbecue roast pork, or char siu and roast duck, which is only sold in the more everyday style restaurants, so we frequent the following restaurants – royal china in baker street (always busy, so be prepared to queue), wing yip in cricklewood, a very big busy and noisy traditional restaurant, great value, and you can then do your food shopping in the vast supermarket adjoined to it, again very busy. imperial china restaurant on lisle street, actually its through a door and courtyard on lisle street, but very good and moderately priced and then there is the good earth in mill hill, which is a smart smaller restaurant, but perfect for taking grandmas to – robert’s mum loved this place and it was close to her house!   we recently discovered the phoenix palace near baker street, its fine, but not as good as royal china, but equivalent in price and a good alternative if you hate queuing.  opposite royal china on baker street, there is bright courtyard –  quite up market – they have ipads to order from which totally put my son off the restaurant – but its high quality dim sum, similar in price to royal china;  sometimes, we really cant wait in the queue at royal china so have tried this one a couple of times. princess garden of mayfair is very good quality and you can book at lunchtime which is a rarity.  pearl liang in paddington basin is good quality.

we tried a new very different restaurant recently A Wong – we had lunch, which is dim sum, but very designer, but not too expensive.  i was divided in opinion, some were good, some were over thought out, but Robert absolutely loved it!  dinner is a different experience apparently.

for authentic trolley style dim sum restaurant – stop the trolleys that look apetising to choose your food, then try new world near gerrard street.  so appropriately its the new years celebration in china town next weekend, but remember that they will all be unusually busy this weekend.  a good tip on normal weekends is to go either very early, ie mid day or even just before, or after 2.30pm, you wont have to queue so much.

in manchester we take my mother to dim sum – tai pan, which is just outside of the city centre, but is easy to park and is consistently good standard;  i have found that parking in manchester has become very expensive, and even on a weekend you have to pay up to 8pm.   there are a lot of good chinese restaurants in manchester – chinatown is a place that i frequented all through my childhood.  my mother was a waitress at the yang sing restaurant all through my childhood years, so dim sum was (and still is) a regular occurence.



5 thoughts on “chinese new year

  1. Hi Christina – thanks for posting and Gung Hei Fat Choi! It’s always good to read about new Chinese restaurants that I don’t know about, especially now that I’ve moved away. My two boys also adore char siu and could nothing but that (with perhaps the sticky rice in lotus leaf). Hubby and I ate in Royal China in Baker Street for old time’s sake last weekend when we were over from Madrid. We will be celebrating Chinese New Year here in Spain over the weekend with dim sum in a local restaurant- a far cry from the quality and variety in London but better than nothing. Have a good one! Sam.


    1. Hi Sam, ah so you are the lady who bought the book, did you receive it yet? Gung Hei Fat Choi – I am going to manchester to see my mum too, so shall celebrate with her. Have a lovely day and enjoy your chinese food. christina x


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