remarkable creatures

I am very slow at reading books, just reading before sleeping and perhaps in the middle of the night when I can’t get back to sleep…. but this book by Tracy Chevalier is a really easy read. I did watch the recent film with Kate Winslet, but this interpretation of the life of Mary Anning takes a different path and reveals a different version of life in those times. Since visiting Dorset myself for the first time last year, I have been really fascinated by those Jurassic cliffs and now that I know more about the fossils and imprints really want to visit again.

I have just started Hamnett, which was a birthday gift from my girlfriend, but wondering whether its too dark and sad to continue for nighttime reading – after all this is meant to be the time to relax, unwind and clear the mind…..

my husband bought me this great device – a clip on reading light with 3 levels of non glaring light; it definitely works and does not wake him up, except when the clip falls on the floor…..

a favourite street of mine to wander is cecil court, a wonderfully atmospheric alley of victorian bookshops, specialising in antiquarian books.  One year I stepped into the lovely marchpane book shop, which was filled from floor to ceiling with beautiful old copies of children’s books.  you can spend anything from £10 to thousands, you have to just decide what you want to pay, and then see what you like.  i chose an early 1909 copy of alice in wonderland for my daughter alice – who now she is older has decided to collect these books.  i could have spent hours in there – the graphics and design of the books were so inspirational.  so for the perfect and original gift for the person who has everything, take a trip to cecil court.

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