anni albers

I love it when a friend comes to visit, it makes you go out and catch up with whats on in town, and there is always so much.

if you love textiles you will love this exhibition at Tate modern– I had never heard of her before, and was really taken by the intricacy of the textiles that she designed and weaved;  particularly the colours and the stitches that she chose.  I think that textile design is hugely underestimated in the art world – if you think back to the beautiful Peruvian textiles with feathers and Kuba textiles of Africa, texture and pattern have been a central starting point to decorative arts from the beginning of time.

I returned to see the Frida Kahlo exhibition again with a friend and although its very crowded, its worth seeing;  it makes you understand what messages her art conveys – the sense of pain and disappointment that inflicted her throughout her life seems only to spur her to make more thought provoking art.  I know that she has been commercialised, but if you manage to get there at a quiet time, its a very poignant exhibition.

Bob Dylan has an exhibition of his drawings alongside his lyrics, which he has handwritten – over 60 of them.  sadly they are very expensive, framed a bit too corporately and even the prints are in massive editions that it makes you feel that he has commercialised his art;  and for someone who doesn’t need any more money, its a strange thing;  if that was me, I would be making my art more unique and special rather than churning them out.  definitely worth seeing though, I rather like the pencil drawings, they have an innocence and sense that is quite charming.

london is an amazing city with always so much to see and do;  you always think I will see that exhibition and before you know it, its finished.  treat yourself to a museum pass, and this will encourage the artistic side to you, and save you lots of money.  definitely a good xmas gift.

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