paint colours

i have agonised over paint colours for the cottage – i wanted something different to the pretty pastel tones that i used in whitstable.  i did my usual – buy the sample pot, paint bits of A4 paper and pin them all up in different parts of the room, remember the light is different not only in different parts of the room, but also at different times of the day.  i then pick the best 2 or 3 and literally paint them on the wall, then make my choice.  its always the hardest part of decorating , choosing colours!  my favourite colours are always from paint library, fired earth, farrow and ball, little greene company, laura ashley – if you are interested in using eco friendly paint, then try earthborn;  for chalky finishes, try francesca’s paints,which has an interesting array of colours.  as the cottage is georgian listed  i have tried to choose colours in keeping.   colours that i used are london clay, pigeon, corn forth white, borrowed light and hard wick white  by farrow and ball,   deep slaked lime by little greene company and porcelain and sea moss by dulux.  the garden room is borrowed light.



i love the bold blue that you see in south america – searching for that famous blue colour paint is not easy, but try hacienda style .



paint colours and boarding

i have been in a real diy mood – repainting walls, emptying cupboards, moving things around – my husband says if he didn’t know better he would have thought that i was nesting and ready to drop a baby!  i think its the spring light – everything looks so grey and worn out after the winter and you just want to brighten and freshen things up.  anyhow, i started with a brush, trying to retouch walls where there are knocks and hand prints, but ended up with a roller having to do whole panels – candles and fires are the worse things for messing up your walls!  i just repainted my bedroom and added some boarding behind the bed, which doubled up as a headboard and shelf.  i spent a long time painting samples on my walls again, but ended up playing safe and choosing the ‘glum’ colour (as robert describes it) of slaked lime deep by little greene. it means that with a neutral colour, you can at least add other colours to the room – i am loving pink with the grey at the moment.  whilst trying out colours, paint a couple pieces of A4 paper and stick them around different parts of the room, you will be amazed how the colour changes and especially with the time of day. its always useful to label each tin before you store so that you know when and which room you used it on – and make a list of all the rooms and their paint colours, you will be surprised how many different colours you end up using and then getting confused.

12Mar2015_0028 bed12Mar2015_0017 12Mar2015_0009


had to repaint the wall behind my bed, and the only way to see the colours is to actually paint them onto the wall.   i wanted to be a bit more daring, but robert naturally went for the safer neutral colour of slaked lime deep by little greene – strangely they all looked dark as samples on the wall, but once painted , it actually appears much lighter, especially as my bedroom is very light – it seems that large expanses of colour appear lighter., so bear this in mind and especially if you have a lot of windows, the daylight can actually bleach out the colour.    the other colours i considered were french gray deep and light peach blossom by little greene, london clay and hardwick white by farrow and ball.

one think i overlooked was that if your room has not been painted for several years, in our case over 10 years ago, then the lining paper is old and once the wet paint goes on, the paper starts getting wet at the seams and peels away – which means cutting those sections out and using filler to build the layer back up.  of course if you are looking for a perfect finish, the answer is to re line, or re plaster, which  then becomes a massive job!

for some reasons, builders tend to not like ‘designer paints’ , and want to mix them, but i do feel that the textures are different.  my favourite colours are from paint library, fired earthfarrow and balllittle greene companylaura ashley – if you are interested in using eco friendly paint, then try earthborn;  for chalky finishes, try annie sloane and francesca’s paints,which has an interesting array of colours.

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