go and see the balenciaga exhibition at the V & A  – the wonderful lines, the creativity and cut of the clothes are just inspirational.  once you are at the V & A, take a look at the architecture and furniture floor, its so beautiful and overlooked.  you can see where a lot of designers have taken their inspiration from, including comme des garçons.  if you happen to be going to New York you have to visit the exhibition there at the Metropolitan museum – you can see the similarities – art of the in between.  



comme des garçons

just back from a few days in New York – it was a last minute decision as my very good friend Yuki invited me to stay in a friend’s flat there – it was also a good excuse to see the exhibition Art of the In-between – Rei Kawakubo and Comme des Garcons.    when i finished university, all those years ago, i worked for Yuki and hence Comme des Garcons, as she was the UK press officer.  fashion life in the 80’s was exciting and unpredictable.  this show at the metropolitan museum of art is a visual history of the art, skill, expression and inventiveness that Rei Kawakubo is so good at.  the choice of outfits running from the 1980’s to today are obviously the most outlandish and unwearable ones, but represent her wit and design superiority in the design world.   also showing are the photographs of the inspirational photographer Irving Penn.   definitely worth a visit to New York.