blue and white

in the past I have only liked white plates but now I  am veering  towards blues and white – I love the simple rustic striped dishes that I have collected in spain, they remind me of the cornish blue stripe.  blue and white is fresh and clean, striking and everywhere……   even my own ceramics are reflecting my love of blues…….


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the colour blue

here is a collection of blue things in my bedroom – flowers from my terrace, a vintage dress,  embroidered cushion,  heart ceramic made by my daughter,  silk spool from kempton,  blue enamelled butterfly brooch,  turquoise necklace by my favourite jewellery Peppi Taylor,  glass goblet from a pop up sale……    blue is the colour of honesty, reliability, trust and loyalty – its a colour that seeks peace and tranquility.

blue is a soothing colour

love these coloured glass vases – groups of the same objects are eye catching – i have never understood minimalism in a home – i like to see all my lovely things around the house – things that remind me of special moments,  or just something to remind me of the beauty of life.  visit petersham nurseries for some inspiring ideas for home and garden and kempton market on a tuesday morning is great for finding just about anything.