we were located about 30km from marrakesh, just close to the atlas mountains, but we decided to get up early and head into marrakesh – all 14 of us, eamonn and tom plus 12 females!  we visited the beautiful jardin majorelle first.  originally landscaped by Jacques Majorelle, the gardens opened in 1947 to the public, but after his death in the 60’s, the gardens were acquired by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge who kept up its existence and enchanting condition.   it truly is a tropical paradise with its water lily ponds, intense blue and exotic plants.

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have been staying in morocco for a few days joining some friends who have been given this amazing modern house which is situated just outside of Marrakech and close to the atlas mountains. Azaren is idyllic – beautifully designed and furnished and filled with gorgeous  local handicrafts. It’s the perfect house for a special celebration- I feel extremely privileged to have been invited.  the house is situated with views of the atlas mountains and landscaped amongst stunning gardens and plants.   i will post more photos of my few days –   i actually  left my computer at home for a change, so it was a real break.   its funny, you think that you are going to miss your computer, but its quite refreshing to have not seen any TV or been on any websites.

azaren21Aug2014_0013 azaren19Aug2014_0498 azaren19Aug2014_0511 azaren21Aug2014_0016 azaren21Aug2014_0018 19Aug2014_0583 19Aug2014_0589 azaren19Aug2014_0518 azaren19Aug2014_0500 21Aug2014_0098 azaren21Aug2014_0125