there is always something magical about raindrops, glistening once the rain has ceased – a perfect product of nature…..

did you know how raindrops are formed? in order to have rain you must have a cloud–a cloud is made up of water in the air (water vapor.) along with this water are tiny particles called condensation nuclei–for instance, the little pieces of salt leftover after sea water evaporates, or a particle of dust or smoke. condensation occurs when the water vapor wraps itself around the tiny particles. each particle (surrounded by water) becomes a tiny droplet, these tiny droplets join together to form larger droplets, which is in turn rain.

Jan 2016 still life_0035

blue and white

the strawberries are in season here in spain – and are so sweet and succulent.  the lady in the fruit market only sells what is in season, so a limited choice, rather than importing lots of different varieties – thats what supermarkets offer!  after a stage of having only white plates, i am veering back to blues and white – i love the simple striped dishes, they remind me of the cornish blue stripe.  blue and white is fresh and clean, striking and everywhere……


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