you only have to take a walk through regents park to admire the beautiful blossom trees everywhere – we are so lucky to have so many beautiful parks in london.   blossom time is such a joyous time – it signals the start of spring, of new life, beauty and the delicate petals blowing through the air adds a romanticism to our day.   enjoy them before they fade away….

symbolically the blossom reminds you that life is short and beautiful, just like the cherry blossom that falls from the tree after just a few days.

Spring is in the air – I shall be starting to do some Qigong classes out in our parks soon – and one good thing to do, is to eat seasonally. Eating more greens and  bitter foods, such as celery, lemon and lime help support and strengthen the liver which is the organ associated with Spring; they call the liver the general of the body, whose role is to keep things flowing, controlling emotions, allowing a smooth flow of Qi and blood.  The liver ‘opens the eyes’, so it’e important to look after them – take breaks from the computer and mobile, especially just before bed time.  When you are feeling restless and irritable, use the power of breath to calm the liver – the liver is about compassion, forgiveness  and kindness, but also about releasing anger in a healthy and positive way. Like the trees, we shall be rooted and grounded through our practice.

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