summer solstice

today is the longest day of the year and the shortest night and is officially the start of summer.

Primrose Hill is is famous for pagans and druids to visit on summer solstice. The hill’s position to the north of London, offers a great view of the city, and makes it a prime location from which to “charm” London.

As well as Stonehenge another place that is frequented is Parliament Hill – was once known as Traitors’ Hill, as during the English Civil War, it was occupied by troops loyal to the English Parliament. The hill is not, as the name might suggest, home to the Houses of Parliament – though it seems possible that its name, together with its ability to give good views over London, was used by the Druids. Many Druids now believe that the hill – known to them as the Llandin, from a Welsh name signifying a “High-place of worship – is part of a sacred grid. A ley line between here and the White Hill in the Tower of London is to them the Midsummer’s day azimuth – the line in which the sun rises on Midsummer’s day.

With the Tower of London, we have come to the third primary location of “Druid London”. For example, in 1956, the Ceremony of the Spring Equinox was renewed at the Bryn Gwyn or Tower of London. The site was, of course, the primary royal residence for much of Britain’s history. It remains connected with the tradition of sacred kingship, through the presence of the nine ravens.

I am sure Stonehenge would be an amazing place to celebrate with its mythical stones.

in spain, its celebrated on 23rd June and is celebrated by people gathering around a bonfire, eating and drinking and teens jumping over fires.

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