how time flies

I cannot believe how fast time flies – it was just a little over 6 months since we moved out of Camden, leaving a house after 26 years is hard to get used to, but now that we are finally in our new apartment, it seems so long ago. living in temporary accommodation whilst organising building work is not at all grounding, but it does prepare you for the big transition from a large family house to a 2 bedroom apartment, especially if you choose a place that is smaller than your final abode.

I thought that we had been quite ruthless with our packing, throwing out things that we didn’t need, but now that we are finally unpacking the many many boxes, I realise that I was not at all thinking how much we had to reduce our possessions. I know that they are only things, but its hard to let go of memories, souvenirs, photos, but I have had to be a bit more practical. why I thought keeping years of invoices, bank statements, old cards was something I would need, seems ridiculous now that most things are available digitally. I have managed to keep a few boxes of momentos though…… isn’t that just what cupboards are for.

we were quite fortunate that the buyers of our house bought quite a few pieces of our furniture and most of our lights and fittings, stuff that we knew wouldn’t fit in the new apartment, meaning we only had to purchase 2 major items, a dining table and a sofa and of course new lights.

last week was our 27th wedding anniversary, and I have always wanted to go to the highlands in Scotland, and we finally made it. we stayed in the beautiful Fife arms set on the banks of the River Dee, which was incredibly comfortable, a little bit over the top with the Scottish decoration theme, but the service and food was very high standard and the village Braemer was incredibly picturesque with the biggest skies and morning sunrises that just take your breath away. we managed to fit a lot in 3 days, including a visit to Ballater, Burn O Vat in Dinnet, and a mountain ride up to the peaks of Inverey and the lake of Glen Muick …. I thoroughly recommend a short break in Scotland, especially if you love nature, rivers, layers of mountains and forests; winter was actually beautiful, deserted, bleak subtle layers of grey and warm brown, you felt that you were actually within the contours of a map. It was cold, but if you take enough layers and wrap up warm, it makes returning to the open fire of the drawing room of your hotel such a pleasure.

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