a bright cold day in Suffolk

I love going to the seaside in the winter – the sea and the landscape changes so dramatically with the seasons;  the wind beats the waves into angry turbulence, the grasses waving frantically from side to side – you just have to wrap up and enjoy the fresh air – its quite exhilarating.  not often visited because of the power station Sizewell beach is actually quite lovely and although it can be blustery cold in November, the sun can shine, the sky be clear blue and  with its wild landscape, the nuclear power station at one end, the huts and boats at the other end makes it quite dramatic.  also close by is Leiston Abbey,  which is definitely worth a visit.

Suffolk has so many beaches to discover and out of season, its not full of holidaymakers, its just you and nature….  Limeblossom cottage makes a great base for visiting both beaches and inland villages. 

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