exhibitions to see

there are so many exhibitions and galleries to visit now that we are able to. i have recently been to see a few, catching up on seeing art live is so inspirational. actually being in a room with a painting that you have seen for many years in print evokes a different feeling – seeing the brush strokes, the depths and tones. go and visit the Rothko room at Tate Britain and feel the harmony of those red hues.

Paula Rego is deeply moving and complex, relating the injustice to the female, violence, oppression – each painting relays a message, revealing the deep thoughts and moral sensibilities of the artist – sometimes portrayed as an activist, Rego rightly reveals the unfairness to women and girls and her paintings definitely disturb, provoke and make you think.

Noguchi at the Barbican shows what a varied artist/designer/sculptor he is – turning his hand to stage sets, bronzes and wooden sculptures – his most recognisable item being the paper lantern, which sadly has been overcopied , but part of every students room. An interesting exhibition for the those interested in all aspects of design.

the Royal Academy has its summer exhibition on, later due to the covid situation but worth a visit to see art from all ages, abilities. Always a bit overwhelming seeing so many pictures hung all together, it keeps one hope that you don’t have to be famous to hang in such an amazing gallery.

I am staying very close to the Victoria Miro gallery – an amazing architectural space, its always worth paying this gallery a visit.

Also worth visiting is the David Parry house in Cambridge, a fascinating insight into the house of David Parry who helped design the wall papers of William Morris; in his own home, he actually painted the designs directly onto the walls, rather than using paper – and all these years later, they have been preserved by his granddaughter and open to the public. you visit in small groups, but well worth seeing this beautiful labour of love in a domestic home.

happy art viewing.

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