harvest moon

tonight is the last full moon of the summer  known as the ‘autumn or corn moon’ – so called because it signals the time when corn, pumpkins, squash, beans and wild rice – the chief Indian staples are ready for gathering.  it has been full for the last 2 days, so try and look out for it. 

This full Moon corresponds to the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival. The seventh month of the Chinese calendar is the Ghost Month and the fifteenth day of this month (a full Moon day) is called Ghost Day, on which ghosts and spirits, including those of deceased ancestors, come out to visit the living.  the ghosts are not scary in this instance, more a remembering of the past.  It’s also the autumnal time that families come together and  celebrate the abundance of life and what it offers, letting go of any pains and stresses and holding new intentions.  Coincidentally we are all here in Andalucia, the whole family, plus my son in law enjoying the warmth and family time – the last 18 months of strangeness has passed so quickly, but we missed lots of big birthdays during that time, 30, 21, 60 – so it feels that this 2 weeks has been a wonderful sharing time to reunite and catch up on everything.  Tonight we are going to celebrate the autumnal moon by watching it rise over the sea.  

here are a few pics from the town of the last couple of days with the moon in all its glory. 


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