programmes worth seeing

so life seems to revolve around watching Netflix – even I who vows to support locals and independents have ended up watching Netflix. I do hope that they use some of their profits during this pandemic to help fund the cinemas around the world. I will be so sad to see the cinemas close down because of us all watching digital cinema. so the things that I have recently watched and highly recommend are ‘One Night in Miami’, Cuba and the Cameraman, Chef’s table Frances Mallmann. They are all so interesting and so different in their own way – beautifully shot and they really open up your eyes to different values and thoughts.

for light and easy viewing, Brigerton was fun and a feel good factor in this weird time of living. at first, I didnt like it, but by the 3rd episode, the storyline gripped me and by the end, I didn’t want it to finish! The Dig is a beautifully shot archaeological story set just before the war about the amazing discovery of Sutton Hoo and the Anglo Saxon find of burial treasures. As soon as the British Museum opens, I will be there visiting to take a glimpse of that amazing find. And of course, I finished the Crown, and now await the next series.

Happy watching and if you can recommend anything to me, please do.

11 thoughts on “programmes worth seeing

  1. Hi Christina

    I wholeheartedly recommend Call My Agent, Pretend It’s a City, Ratched and Mank.

    Enjoy (if you haven’t seen them already) and have a peaceful weekend.

    Joe X

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  2. I loved Cuba and the Cameraman too. Have you seen Gringo Favelado? And also American Factory? Two documentaries in the vein of the Cuba one I think you’d like.

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  3. Recommendations on Netflix
    The Queens Gambit riveting drama about a young girl who against the odds becomes a chess champion. I didn’t think I would like it but it was recommended to me. You will love the 60’s clothes Christina and the acting and cinematography.

    Unbelievable an American cop drama done well with two main female leads.

    Call my Agent a funny French series.

    Ethos an interesting Turkish drama.

    Shtisel a wonderful tale of Orthodox Jews living in Jerusalem, extremely funny but heartfelt, it is really about family.

    Unorthodox, a film.

    Schitts Creek, we didn’t want this to finished, loved all the characters.


    Lots of foreign Language series, crime but also light relief –
    Blood is thicker than water, a Danish series about siblings
    Seaside Hotel, Danish, set in 1927-8
    Beautifully done, the sets, the clips tunes and the characters, all going back to the same hotel every year.

    That should keep you going fir a while,

    Anne x

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  4. Schitts creek is fabulous.. just get past the first few episodes and you will be hooked.
    The amazing mrs maisel (prime) is absolutely wonderful.. the story, the clothes, cars, all set in New York in the 50’s .. it’s glorious!

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  5. I am recommending a brilliant British series, The Durrells, there are five series available on Netflix so that should keep you going for a while! Set in Corfu, it is the story of Gerald Durrell, the naturalist and his eccentric family who moved there in the 30’s. It is warmhearted and gently funny and just whisks you away to an unspoilt island where a suburban English family start a new life free from the social mores of middle class England.The setting is glorious and the costumes, all original thirties, are perfect, as are the cast. It is a delight and perfect viewing for these strange , unsettling times.

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  6. RGB

    The Centre Will Not Work (Joan Didion)…sublime

    Pretend Its A City
    Very funny interviews.

    Sex Education (even just for Gillian Anderson wardrobe!)

    All on Netflix

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