unpackaged with its  amazing shopping concept – simple, green and functional  unpackaged sells all your basic groceries, from washing up liquid, to cereal and dried fruit – without any packaging – you bring your own!!  no longer a stand alone stall, they are now based in planet organic in muswell hill and several of its other branches.. if you dont bring any containers, but want to purchase one of the reusable glass jars, you then fill up on what you need – what an ethical way to shop!  its an ecologically and unique idea, and the principal should be used widely.  another similar store is on Portobello Road Liberte Cherie, and Bulk market in Hackney.  here is a full list of zero waste shops in the London area.   I wish that there was one near to me in Camden.

i actually applaud the move to charge for plastic bags – it has definitely changed my approach to shopping – i now take reusable bags all the time with me.  there are so many lightweight cloth and shopping bags around now, all designed to pop neatly in your handbag.  but my favourite bags are of course vintage ones……

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