national trust properties

a few years ago i remember that the national trust  had to close the modernist house, High Cross House in devon, due to lack of visitors –  its sad that some unique buildings are not able to sustain their upkeep and therefore wont be open to the public.   my kids bought me a membership recently for my birthday, but I have not yet been able to use it with this lockdown.  (it was something that I kept hinting at).  its definitely a great gift idea for that person who has everything.

homewood which is featured in some dramas and films is a national trust property and  this is on my list of things to do once we can travel again and things open up.   the last trip that i did like this was to the  Henry Moore gallery in Perry Green.  it was so peaceful and pleasurable walking around the grounds seeing all the sculptures and Moore’s workshops.

other interesting buildings to see are the  erno goldfinger house in hampstead and the literary carlyle’s house and sutton house –  chartwell, home to Churchill looks very interesting, and one of the smallest properties to see is clouds hill, rural retreat to T E Lawrence.  so maybe its time to plan a daytrip for the future and help support the maintenance of these wonderful buildings.  it also gives us something to look forward to.  its such a frustrating and depressing time and I always think that even putting a little something in the diary, even if it means changing the dates just puts a little rainbow out there.

openhouse is also an annual event that allows you to see the inside of buildings that are not normally open to the public – its maybe worth signing up now, so that you can see which ones interest you.

if you are looking to move and just want a modern house, then this is the perfect website – the modern house estate agents – it also allows you to peep at other houses and get lots of style ideas!

IMG_1008 (1) church28may2015_0361-1 stairwayDetail Shots_2918

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