so now we are in Tier 4 – I don’t quite understand what the difference in lockdown and tier 4 is, they seem pretty similar to me; anyhow, I am sure that we are all getting used to this and I am hoping that tier 5 does not suddenly appear……. there has been one good thing with these lockdowns – I am managing to read more books as I am in bed by 10am…… I am wondering if I am ever going to get back into the routine of going out beyond 10am…… so the books that I have read have been a jumble of books that I already had bought but never got round to reading. On Chesil Beach seemed very apt after my 2 visits this year to Dorset and actually seeing this beautiful coastline; I had seen the film and thought what a stunning location. the book, written by Ian McEwan quite a few years ago, is very easy to read and very enjoyable – its probably a book you can take to read on a long haul plane journey or a long train journey to Scotland. Edmund de Vaal’s, the Hare with the Amber Eyes, was quite the opposite – a long complex book that took some pages to get into, but once you did, it was very interesting to learn about one family’s history from 1871 to now and a few miniature netsuke (carvings ) that Edmund had inherited. It relays how this Jewish family came to wealth in Austria, Odessa and Paris, and then how they lost their wealth during the 2nd World War. I was fascinated to see these netsuke and as I am already a fan of Edmund;s ceramics, now understand how his shelves of similar bowls and vessels are influenced by this vitrine of 264 carvings. Its a very interesting and educational book told throughout the history of the years and worth reading. I am still completing this other gifted book, The Riviera Set by Mary S Lovell which is about the social decadence in the 1930’s through one house built on the Cote d’Azur by Maxine Elliot. I loved the stories about Churchill and all the glamorous people who visited the house. This is one of those pick up and read at any time books. I have also started reading Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier – given to me by another friend, and again set in Lyme Regis in 1810 about 3 sisters who move there from London once their father dies – its definitely an interesting and easy read and the main character enjoys finding the fossils along that Jurassic coast. I never used to read a couple of books at the same time, but sometimes you need to switch stories depending on your frame of mind.

hoping that you are all keeping well and safe and that with the introduction of the vaccines we will all soon be able to go back to normality.


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