Queen’s Gambit

so as there is not much to do and the weather has been somewhat wet, we have caught up on watching a few films and series.  we particularly loved the Queen’s Gambit which is about chess, but it really is about the clothes and encompasses loneliness, addiction, gender bias and the role of women in the 1950’s.   it really is worth watching – visually it reminds me of Madmen.   we also watched the documentary Billie Holliday, which was worth watching to hear and see the wonderful Billie sing – it’s mainly told through the tapes of Linda Lipnack Kuehl who was an avid fan and was wrtiting a biography about Billie Holiday but strangely died before completing it.   you have to watch these through the digital platforms, but we were happy to support Curzon films, fingers crossed that they survive this pandemic.

I couldn’t find my chess images – somewhere amongst my 10 hard drives and thousands of images, I searched high and low, but to no avail.  I remember recently stumbling on a chess afternoon in our village in Vejer de la Fronterra in one of the narrow streets – tables all laid out and locals mingling and swapping playing chess with each other, the young, the old, it was a community spirit that lifted my spirit.  when I eventually find this image I will share it, but for the time being, here is one of Havana, which still evokes the time of the series  – its a city where time stood still…..



3 thoughts on “Queen’s Gambit

  1. Have you seen The amazing Mrs Maisel?
    I think you would love it ! Set in the 1950s New York .. the clothes!! The cars, the apartments !! It’s so funny and just a treat to watch ..
    give it a go !

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