So recently we took a 2 night stay in Dorset again – partly because we really wanted to stay at our friend’s wonderful hotel, the Seaside Boarding House, which is perfectly positioned on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Jurassic Coast and the start of Chesil Beach, with its wonderful views of sea, beach and rolling hills.  we also wanted to explore this area again, as we loved the little trip that we did in August, but realised then that there were so many beaches and towns to see, that another trip was needed.

on our way to the hotel, we stopped off at Weymouth, which is quite like an old fashioned seaside town, with a concha shaped cove, flanked by Georgian buildings.  we ate lunch in one of the many seaside cafes, then continued to the hotel.  the hotel has 10 bedrooms, and most rooms have views of the sea, very comfortable, light and  spacious with lovely bathrooms.   the restaurant and bar have great views of the sea and there is also a big terrace to sit out on , and you can walk down some steps right onto the beach– its a bit of luxury away from the crowds.  Its definitely going to be my’ go to’ treat each year.

The only drawback to breaks in the UK, is the weather;  our first day was a glorious sunny autumn day, but the next day just poured none stop.  we managed a walk along West Beach without getting wet early on, but then we ventured to nearby Portland, which is an isthmus that ends with Chesil beach on one side and lovely coves and coastal walks on the other side – the furthest point of the peninsula placed with a lighthouse and the Lobster Pot- where we ate crab sandwiches and cream tea. , Its actually an interesting strange place that apparently goes back to the 12C.  I loved the old fisherman huts and wild beach and especially discovering the Church Ope Cove where the remains of a castle lead you to a steep stairway down to a secret cove that harks back to Enid Blyton adventures. Just a pity that it was raining too hard to explore.  

Fortunately our last day brought bright skies and rainbows.  so we ventured south towards Devon, about an hour away to Beer Beach, which is laden with boats, fisherman huts and a little village; again its a striking cove and that day a particularly calm sea – wishing that I had brought my swimsuit….  note that a lot of these villages are quite steep, so good walking shoes is recommended.   We then drove back to Lyme Regis and aimed for lunch at Mark Hix’s seafood restaurant, which is at the top of a hill in the park, with great views over the harbour – we had fish fingers and chips and it was exceptionally good!  I had to do that walk along the Cobb, which famously featured Meryl Streep walking in her cloak on a stormy moody night in the French Lieutenants woman .  it was a perfect end to our short trip of discovery and definitely recommended out of the summer months when there are a lot of more tourists. there’s definitely a dark and romantic feel to this area….


5 thoughts on “Dorset

      1. We’re living up in Skye at the moment Christina. Ted got into Trinity College, Cambridge but decided to defer. Do hope your daughter is doing well even under lockdown – very hard for the youngsters, I feel. Hope you are all doing well.
        Sending love. xx


      2. Maude is on her Erasmus year in spain! then supposed to be in Mexico! back to Cambridge next October, so they will be there together, we should arrange a meet, it will be her final year! she is at Kings. we can meet at the lovely Kettles Yard!!!!


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