trying to get back a bit of normality….

I cant believe that its been 6 months since all this strangeness commenced…..  life is not back to normal, but at least you can go and do a few things to enlighten and inspire……  it does take a bit of organisation though, booking tickets to the Tate and Royal Academy can be difficult to get dates that you want, but its worth just planning ahead and put it in your diary.   Warhol and Beardsley are both interesting and yet so different.  I didn’t  know much about Beardsley, and found him fascinating – he sadly died at 25 years old with TB, but in his short life, he produced so much work, so detailed and monochromatic, but beautiful to look at.  Beardsley worked on lots of books, and so they are quite ‘fairy tale ‘ and mythological.   Leon Spilliaert is somebody new to me, again very illustrative and quite ‘dark’ in his outlook, lots of landscapes.  I really enjoyed learning about 2 new artists.  I have already booked ahead for Gauguin  and the Impressionists and Tracy Emin and Edvard Munch.   I don’t usually have a Royal Academy membership, but I bought one earlier in the year to visit Picasso exhibition and if you go more than 3 times a year, it does make it worth it.    The one good thing about Covid is that you can finally visit an exhibition and have space and time to see the paintings, without feeling rushed and crowded And it does take you away from real life and you can feel inspired and enjoy the wonders of art.


2 thoughts on “trying to get back a bit of normality….

  1. I deliberated about renewing my RA membership but decided this year more than any I should support them. Such fabulous exhibitions . It is hard to be organised by prebooking everything but it is the new way it seems and for a while longer

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