tea towels

i cant seem to keep my tea towels clean, even with bleaching – so i have decided that its easier to buy cheaper tea towels and then throw them away when they look  so stained and terrible;  which means all my lovely vintage linen goes into a box and replaced with the functional, simple cotton with blue/red stripe teatowels or their value 10 pack from dennys . if you go into the shop you can buy them singularly, but these are so affordable and look great in any kitchen.

other great choices are of course ikea and kempton market where clever stall holders take the time to make them out of old rolls of linen;  the market is usually on the 2nd and last tuesday of every month.


2 thoughts on “tea towels

  1. Put soda crystals in a large pail. Add boiling hot water from the kettle, until you fill the pail. Add tea cloths, leave overnight, then wash them on 60 degrees with detergent. The stains should come out. I do this weekly. My mother always did this.

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