fashion illustration

I have always loved fashion drawings, especially those from the 1940’s and 50’s and tonight I watched a live masterclass through the wonderful Gray MCA gallery, who arranged a live Q and A with the illustrator Gladys Perint Palmer and a  film recording in which Gladys executes 4 large scale drawings for you live.  It was fascinating to see her at work, using several different mediums, she swiftly and confidently drew images from the collections of Alexander McQueen, which she captured with such accuracy in her lively individual style.  Gladys’ drawings are so full of life, movement and capture the mood and flavour of the clothes and design.  They are more painterly and she herself says her biggest influence is Toulouse Lautrec  and you can definitely see this.   Gray MCA are worth following as they have so many interesting exhibitions and events.

I am not a big fan of everything going through the computer, but in this case, it opens up a great opportunity for everyone around the world to join and watch together and learn from these great masters.  you can watch again on Vimeo.

also interesting is the  documentary film about McQueen  its a wonderfully moving tribute to the designer – emotional and very interesting it follows the rise of the designer Alexander McQueen and proves what a creative inspirational mind he had.  I remember seeing the show ‘savage beauty’ and thinking how beautiful the clothes were, each one an art piece.   the film follows its thread through his collections, which are all art pieces – the stories, the themes – all show an eclectic brilliant mind.

IMG_2579 mcqueen_2580 IMG_2583




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