exercise in this strange strange time…..

its a very strange time and we are all trying to adapt to a new way of life, hopefully it will only be for a short time, until we can battle this virus.   its very easy to sink into sadness and depression and not want to do anything – its equally hard to motivate oneself with all this uncertainty and news.  I have decided to start some kind of routine to take me away from dwelling on things too much.  I start with a 12 minute meditation by the brilliant Clare Connolly – I first heard her soothing voice on Jo Good’s show and found her on insight timer.  I haven’t actually subscribed to it, but they offer some free meditations.  strangely I had subscribed to Calm, another app for meditation and mindfulness a few months ago, and I find this so helpful when I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep.  since this has happened, my sleeping has got more interrupted, but I think that  using apps like this are very helpful.  I love to listen to the masterclasses, especially the one by Elizabeth Gilbert and Pico Lyer, who offer really sound advice about life.

I now do a 15 minute dance cardio by Tracy Anderson, which is a good start to the day or go for a long walk – this was spurred by the fact that my blood sugars have been higher in the last few years, which is a warning to diabetes, so I really have taken this in my stride to try and reduce my sugar level.  apparently 30 mins high energy exercise helps with this.

swing dance was something I have stopped and started, but again its a really enjoyable form of exercise, and they have started an online dance video swing train, 30 mins that looks fun and you download.   triyoga are in the process of doing online classes too, so check out their website.  and online Adriene has lots of classes, short or long, so perfect anyone to fit in the day.  in the evenings I am doing 10 mins of  band strengthening exercises to keep the bone density up, but my favourite choice at the moment, is simply fast walking around the park – of course we need to do this safely at the moment, keeping our distance.    I admit that I don’t do all of these things every day, but each day, I try to choose one or 2 of the exercises to just keep me in shape, stimulate your brain and heart and also to give you some general routine to the day.   I wish you all safe and happy days filled with new exercise routines! and if anyone has any other suggestions, please share!


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