cuba and doctors

I am guessing you are all feeling like me, scared, anxious,  unsure and frustrated of the unknown;  none of us has ever experienced anything like this before, so there is nothing to compare or learn from.  its a frightening and unsettling time to live in, but strangely it has also brought the worse and best out of people.   its made me realise how lucky we were, how we have lived our lives without fear and freely – now just taking a walk in the park is a simple pleasure.  I love the community spirit though, please help your vulnerable neighbours and keep to the rules so that we can keep the simple pleasures going.

as you may know, we recently went to Venice for our 25th wedding anniversary, and we were so lucky to have a stress free time there, and yet a couple of weeks after we returned, it all went downhill.  It really makes me cry to see the amount of deaths that one country has experienced.  but then I heard that 50 medical staff from Cuba have flown into help Italy – what an amazing and selfless task!  I know that each country has its own worries and problems, but I do think that as this is a worldwide problem, we should work together globally too – I hope that whoever finds the vaccine first shares this worldwide rather than tries to make money out of it.  I was shocked to find out that medicine is the one thing that countries can profit from.

I also forgot that it was in 2014 that Cuba again helped out with the ebola crises.  Cuba is renowned for its wonderful medicine and wealth of doctors, but now i have utter admiration for its compassionate and selfless offer of treating patients .

sadly world travel seems a long way away, but i still have fond memories of my visit to havana a few years ago, its definitely somewhere that I would recommend to take the children to before it completely changes and becomes modernised like the rest of the western world.   i loved the architecture, the tumbledown crumbling buildings, the vintage cars and especially the interiors, some of which had been restored for tourists, but better that than they collapse into dust.
the french pharmacy was founded in 1882, but turned into a the Pharmaceutical Museum in 1964 – medicinal herbs were processed here, which are the source of drugs.  there are beautiful medicinal jars, books and utensils – all showing the history of medications available to the public.  situated on the main shopping street, Obispo, between mercaderes and san ignacio, Havana, entrance is free and its well worth a visit.  like most of restored old Havana, everything seems to be a museum.  i guess that as there is nothing much to sell, then all these beautiful buildings can only serve to be museums.    you can still however buy a few basic medicines, and you can see locals choosing from the small display cabinet amongst the exhibition pieces.

there is something soothing about old pharmacies, there used to be lots in london, but they seem to be getting modernised all the time.   dont know of any old ones now with the beautiful cabinets and jars except in Paris.   you would have to scour the old markets like portobello to find stuff like this.   i have old chemistry bottles in my bathroom, filled with bubble bath and shampoo.

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  1. I have old decanters and pharmacy bottles filled with oils/bubble bath!. it makes my bathroom feel very glamorous! going 1 step further and putting Moroccan tiles on the floor next so being trapped at home has made me rethink my house and also culling my wardrobes which has been excellent for my bored head!

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