the craze for bikes continues- gentle cycling, city cycling, cycling like a madman round and round regents park or up and down hills, just to get fit (as my husband does), even riding all the way to brighton and back again, not even stopping for lunch.  i have to admit, i have never ridden a bike in my life, its still one of my aims this year to learn to ride! (i have said this for the last few years and still not got round to it – i did get on one of the kids bikes in regents park many years ago, but after a wobbly ride, i then worried about pulling something in my back and gave up and now my husband says he is worried about me cycling on London roads).  lots of tasteful bike shops popping up –  tokyo bikes, condor is the one for pros, brick lane bikes for the hip!  if you want to look stylish, then you have to wear rapha – beautifully designed clothes for both males and females.  if you have a cycling fanatic partner, then this is the prada of cyclewear!!

look mum no hands offers bike maintenance courses too.

26Jul2014_0022 hackney_wick_0002

2 thoughts on “bikes

  1. I love going out on my bike but the traffic scares me and the dirty air puts me off. I should save cycle riding for Suffolk. There must be a route from Lime Blossom cottage to southwold on quiet lanes. Much more enjoyable for us wobbly riders!

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