wishing you all a very happy new year

so we start yet another year – in fact another decade ….. I cannot believe that it was 20 years ago that we hit the millennium .  time has definitely just flown by.

fortunately the seasons all bring different memories and remind you of the emotions of life the freshness of spring, the joy of summer, the rich colour of autumn, the moodiness of winter – a happy new year to everyone.

I hope that this year brings a more united world, one with less violence, more caring and togetherness, one that makes us less selfish, more thoughtful to others;  I look forward to a bright future  – one that brings inspiration and peace to everyone and especially for our youth who need more positivity.
















as usual i have lots of new intentions which i know by next month will soon fade away.  my youngest daughter is half way through university and it nearly feels that my role as mother and carer is slowly being reduced….friends are leaving and babies are being born, but what i am thankful for is health, family and happiness;  sadly I have witnessed what dementia can do and its so sad, so doing all those mind stimulating things are something that I have stepped up on.

I have started to dance again, learned to paint, continued to play piano and made ceramics in the last year, but this coming year I vow to take life a little  slower, no more rushing or aiming to fill every day with too many commitments. and as usual here are a few things that i will be bearing in mind….

generosity of thought

kindness of heart

patience of mind

selflessness in spirit

loyalty and friendship

waste less and more up and recycling

and being a bit less critical with my kids and husband!

happy new year to you all and thank you for reading my blog, this is 10 years now, here’s to the next 10 years.


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