Westminster arts library

I look around our house and its hard to believe that neither my husband and I had any books around us whilst growing up –  instead we both frequented the local libraries and borrowed the maximum amount of books that you could at the time – I kind of remember 4 as a figure.  so it was a real pleasure to discover the Westminster Arts Library,  right in the heart of Leicester Square, it is built on the site of Isaac Newton’s house and observatory.

Robert did an event there recently, discussing his book, London Made Us at one of the cultural events – Salon for the City, whose goal is to generate a sense of excitement and inspiration about our great city.  but also make use of  a creatively dormant space as a resource, study and temporary hub of debate and interaction, a ‘creative city’ which opens up to a new and ever changing audience.

The library has a collection of over 15,000 books covering the performing arts, a third of which are available to borrow.  The collection also has a wide range of film, theatre, dance, radio & TV publications, some  going back to the 19th century.

Its a haven amidst the busy hub of London’s busy squares and definitely worth visiting.


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