marriage story

I really enjoyed this film by Noah Baumbach – apparently autobiographical it tells the story of a bittersweet relationship falling apart with the custody of a child becoming the focus of the issue.  strangely its not entertaining, uncomfortable to watch at times;  rather an insightful and sympathetic view of how a marriage can fall apart.  having been through a divorce, I could relate to certain issues, but now that I am older, hopefully wiser and realising that life is a balance of give and take and compromise its also sad to see it on the big screen.  my friend Jon did not like it at all, I could see him looking at his watch all the time hoping it would end, but my girlfriend really liked it.  strangely I found myself sympathising with the husband, which on paper doesn’t add up…….

I love this photo of Robert’s mum and dad getting married, especially the hair piece on Eilleen.  sadly Robert’s father passed away when he was very young, so I never got to meet him.

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