Kew Gardens

autumn is a perfect time for a trip to kew gardens ; it can be so peaceful walking round the grounds watching nature at its best –   the leaves are just dropping – a sign of its life over, but the colours are so beautiful – you couldnt mix those palettes of yellows, oranges and reds.    it does seem quite expensive for admission, but you have to just tell yourself that its a charitable contribution that helps keep the trees and this beautiful park alive.  its definitely much cheaper if you prebook online and you also save queuing.     there are a couple of cafes there,  but I quite like  maids of honour just outside of the park.  I can’t believe that I had never been to the Marianne North gallery before ; a vivid collection of 19th century botanical art, the gallery is a treat for both art lovers and adventurous minds.  as a woman who defied convention, North travelled the world solo to record the tropical and exotic plants that captivated her.

She challenged the tradition of Victorian flower painting and chose to paint plants in their natural settings instead. Her work became a powerful record of the dramatic landscapes she visited and the plants that inhabit them – years ahead of the invention of colour photography.

how wonderful to have an autumn wedding at kew!

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