absolutely loved the latest film by Almodovar, Pain and Glory – its a beautifully shot semi autobiographical tale of growing of age and your sense of losing creativity…..  It really summed up how I feel some days…..  it really does take a bit of getting used to this growing older lark……

I urge you to see it on the big screen.  I love that you can  catch up on things on your computer, but its really not the same experience as sitting quietly in a movie screen with nothing around you to distract you.  if you go in the daytime, there is usually a cheaper price.

seeing the beautiful cave buildings in the film reminds me of some parts of our town – many of the old houses are built into the old city walls, and incorporate a deep well which reaches deep below the houses – these provided water stores in moorish times when the town was under siege.  our house still has the well and there is a storage cave under the street which is just off the entrance hall.



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