small island

the last of my husband’s presents for his big birthday were tickets to the National theatre to see Small Island –  one of his favourite buildings in london.   as we were away, I had to find presents small and light enough to pack in the suitcase to give him to open up on his birthday.  it was beautifully staged, a well written script with great actors and touched upon issues that are profoundly shaming and moving.  it finishes very soon and I would definitely recommend it – my son got one of the £10 tickets that they offer, but I see that this is now the £15 day ticket.    it was a lovely warm day, so we decided to turn up early at Skylon restaurant at the Royal Festival Hall for their pre theatre dinner offer, and then walked along the riverside, passing the children cooling themselves in the water fountains –  to the National – it really is a lovely thing to do on a balmy summer evening in london.  I also loved the hologram of ‘all kinds of limbo’ – I am always amazed at what can be done these days.

the best thing is during interval time stepping out on the balcony and viewing london in twilight – you forget what a great city London is despite the crowds, noise and pollution.


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