Parkway is one of those streets which seems to have had nothing that succeeds – restaurants and shops open and close, but suddenly Parkway is becoming the heart of camden;  the high street is full of chains, pret, office, american apparel – the fruit market on inverness street has been replaced by tat.  but now there are more amenities on parkway –  parkway greens is a welcome addition with its vast varieties of fruit and vegetables –  it is a change to the numerous supermarkets that are in the area.   its sad to admit, that i feel excitement at something like a greengrocers opening in my area than another fashion boutique!  one shot coffee serves breakfast and cakes, as does the coffee jar opposite.  Gails has now taken over the original pet shop, and although now a chain does offer good bread;  parkway deli has been there for many years and sells all the traditional Italian produce, its still very old fashioned which I love;  shimogano is a decent traditional japanese restaurant and especially great value for lunch.  if you are a vegan, there is a vegan pizza Purezza that is extremely popular and of course there is whole foods, though very expensive offers everything you need for the alternative health junkie.  zero 40 has taken over Strada and is a comfy place to have breakfast right through to cocktails;  its a simple menu, but hopefully it will succeed – its owned by camden craft breweries.   chaksu just opened – an independent opticians, which I will definitely try out – its good to support small new businesses, especially in this ever growing world of chains and supermarket domination.   at the bottom of Parkway there is the flower stall who will sell you flowers individually, so that you can make up a mixed bouquet – if you just want to spend £10, they will help you stick to your budget and you can go away with a bunch that looks like it cost double.

24Aug2013_0053 (1)

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